State wants to vaccinate 20 million cattle to receive sanitary title

State wants to vaccinate 20 million cattle to receive sanitary title
State wants to vaccinate 20 million cattle to receive sanitary title

This number was released this Friday, during the presentation of PNEFA’s strategic plan

Cattle raising on a Brazilian property in green pasture. (PhotoFile)

Mato Grosso do Sul wants to vaccinate 20 million cattle, in November, to receive certification from the Ministry of Agriculture, of a foot-and-mouth disease-free area without immunization of the herd, from 2023. The title, which had already been anticipated in April , by the National Secretary of Agricultural Defense, José Guilherme Leal, returned to the agenda this Friday (23), during the meeting of the State Management Committee of the Strategic Plan of PNEFA (National Program for the Eradication and Prevention of Foot-and-Mouth Disease).

On the occasion, the strategies used to continue the search for certification were presented, which include greater surveillance of the herd at the border, hiring personnel through tenders, digitalization and modernization of transport systems, issuing of animal transit guides and use of modern surveillance equipment with drones.

According to the Secretary for the Environment, Economic Development, Production and Family Agriculture (Semagro), Jaime Verruck, the action will be the last one for the State to apply for recognition with the International Organization of Epizootics (OIE).

Verruck stated that the vaccine withdrawal process brings a set of gains to Mato Grosso do Sul, mainly economic.

“This partnership process has been intensified, but very much in installments. First with the very strong institutional involvement through the Ministry of Agriculture (Mapa) that has a national program, then with Mato Grosso do Sul, which created all the necessary structure for the withdrawal of the vaccine to guarantee that we will have a State with foot-and-mouth disease. zero. We need to have proof of this status change and this process is continued,” he commented.

As the holder of the folder, the role of the rural producer in the withdrawal of the vaccine is fundamental. “It is already confirming this action with a high level of vaccination, with a high rate of control and certainly the search now is to communicate. “We have a great challenge at this moment, which is communication to society. To understand the importance of the process, and especially the rural producer”, he signaled.

Vaccination – According to data made available by Iagro (State Agency for Animal and Vegetal Defense), in May, the foot-and-mouth disease immunization campaign reached 99.7% of the state’s herd, with more than 50,000 properties involved in the campaign and more than 11 million immunized animals.

“The index is above the 90% recommended in PNEFA, which is very favorable”, stressed Iagro’s veterinarian and inspector, Fernando Endrigo, who coordinates the sector. The numbers also show that no municipality was below the vaccination target.

Title – With the FMD free state certification without vaccination, Mato Grosso do Sul will now bear the highest health seal, opening the way for livestock products from Mato Grosso do Sul to access the most demanding markets in the world.

According to Secretary Jaime Verruck, within the planning of PNEFA, the State defined clear guidelines of what is needed to obtain the certificate of free area of ​​foot-and-mouth disease and all of them are being followed by the sector.

“According to the data presented by Iagro, the State is experiencing a positive moment with conditions for us to continue evolving within the Program”, he concluded.

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