Participants highlight learning in the Cadec Brasil Program course

Participants highlight learning in the Cadec Brasil Program course

Legislation, negotiation techniques and production cost management were part of the content

Brasilia (09/19/22) –

The Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation (CNA), through the National Poultry and Swine Commission, held the Cadec Brasil Program course from September 12 to 16.

The training brought together technicians and representatives of the state federations of agriculture and livestock. The contents provided were focused on the Integration Law (13.288/2016), negotiation techniques and production cost management.

The course was moderated by the technical advisor of the National Poultry and Swine Commission of the CNA, Rafael Ribeiro Filho. “We had a very productive balance sheet. The idea is that these technicians can help producers to negotiate better with the agroindustry.”, he said.

Experiences –

The FAPE-DF technical consultant, Guilherme Amâncio Louly Campos, stated that the “course added a lot, mainly in terms of technical conditions, so that we could argue, discuss and establish new parameters with all the participants in this chain”, he said.

According to rural producer from Minas Gerais, Arley Oliveira da Silva, the training will strengthen the balance in relations with Cades. “We need to understand the importance of this movement that will help, mainly, the small producers in the country”, said the producer.

The president of the Riograndense Poultry Farmers Association (ASACOP/RS), Júlia Dias Ottoni, explained that, during the course, a support network was created, with a lot of exchange of experiences. “Each state has its particularities and each one contributed. Even with these differences, we realize that all Cadecs in the states need to be at a similar level of performance, helping each other. This will provide greater balance so that we can structure negotiations across the country”.


According to Rafael Ribeiro Filho, the next step will be to take the training of the Cadec Brasil Program to the producer so that the technicians can, in practice, help the producers in all aspects of the processes related to the activities of Cadecs.

Integration –

Cadecs are the Commissions for Monitoring, Development and Conciliation of Integration formed by representatives of producers and the integrator to promote transparency in negotiations and discuss important issues for consensus in decisions. They are channels of coexistence responsible for defining the contractual relationship between the two links in the production chain, as provided for in the Integration Law (13,288/2016).

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