Lula records a video to promote the SUS with a polo shirt that costs more than R$2,600

Lula records a video to promote the SUS with a polo shirt that costs more than R$2,600
Lula records a video to promote the SUS with a polo shirt that costs more than R$2,600

On Saturday, March 30, the president Lula (PT) released a video on its social networks to wish the public a “Happy Easter”. In the message, the PT member took the opportunity to talk about the “absurd” delay in the SUS (Unified Health System) queue. However, what stood out in the video was the shirt the president wore: a polo shirt valued at R$2,650.

The PT member begins the video with references to his hip surgery and remembers that six months have passed since the surgical procedure. “I was very scared. I was afraid that the surgery wouldn’t work and I was afraid of anesthesia. But I overcame both of these fears.”

Lula explains that he no longer fears anesthesia, because “it is a very modern thing that we can take, because a lot of progress has been made in Brazil and throughout the world”. The PT member highlights that his healing process was “impressive”, because “after 48 hours” the president “was already climbing eight steps up the stairs”.

Wearing designer clothes, Lula encourages the population to have surgery via SUS

On her Instagram profile, economist Renata Barreto noted that Lula was wearing an Hermès polo shirt that cost US$530 (equivalent to R$2,650). To buy Lula’s shirt, the average worker will have to pay almost double the minimum wage, which is currently R$1,412. The economist criticizes the PT member.

“But remember, those who boast are the middle class who have more than one TV at home.”

Renata Barreto.

Renata was referring to another statement by the PT member in which Lula criticizes Brazil’s middle class because, according to him, it is “too ostentatious”. The PT member said that “we have a middle class that boasts a standard of living, you know?, that they don’t have in Europe, that they don’t have in many places; people are more humble. Here the middle class boasts a standard of living above what is necessary.”

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Still referring to the designer clothes that Lula wore, the economist said that “it seems that this brand is among the favorites of the couple Lula and Janja, who love to complain about other people’s wealth, but love to rejoice in the luxury that only capitalism provides ”.

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