Is eating 1 apple a day good for your health? Understand better | RDNEWS

Is eating 1 apple a day good for your health? Understand better | RDNEWS
Is eating 1 apple a day good for your health? Understand better | RDNEWS

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in Brazil and around the world — and that’s a good thing, as they have many incredible health benefits. Many people even say that eating just one apple a day makes a huge difference to the body. But, is this true?

According to Valéria Goulart, a nutritionist at the Brazilian Association of Nutrology (ABRAN), yes. A unit of fruit daily brings benefits and helps protect against diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, due to antioxidants.


Apples also contain polyphenols, substances that protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, the fruit contains a fiber called pectin and reduces the absorption of fats that are ingested on a daily basis, consequently helping to combat bad cholesterol.

A study carried out by the National Institute of the United States with more than 8 thousand people proved that eating an apple a day prevents several diseases. For a year, about 10% of participants ate an apple a day. These people did not need to take many medications, they did not get sick frequently and they still had more energy and stamina.

Apple benefits

Firstly, the aforementioned apple polyphenols bring several benefits, in addition to cardiovascular protection.

“Polyphenols also act as anti-inflammatories and reduce a person’s chance of developing cancer, especially in the digestive area. Another function is to combat free radicals, those that slow down aging. It also promotes the production of collagen, helps with oral health, malic acid which increases saliva production, reducing the proliferation of bacteria, which form bacterial plaque”, explains Dr. Goulart.

Furthermore, the apple is capable of relieving stomach pain and helps combat gastritis because it works as a gel. It also reduces the individual’s chance of developing Alzheimer’s or stroke, as it increases the production of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter responsible for helping memory).

And apples even help you lose weight, you know? As it is very rich in fiber and water, the fruit causes a feeling of satiety and reduces appetite. The fruit is also low in calories and contains pectin in the peel, which reduces sugar absorption.

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