‘So skinny she doesn’t even have a voice anymore’; video

‘So skinny she doesn’t even have a voice anymore’; video
‘So skinny she doesn’t even have a voice anymore’; video

Maiara shocked internet users when she appeared this Sunday, March 31, 2024.

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Maiara She once again attracted attention for her slim body, achieved, according to the country singer, by changing her habits after bariatric surgery.

This Easter Sunday (31), Maraisa’s sister met Murilo Huff at the recording of the VH & Alexandre DVD, in Goiás. The event took place on a street in Goiatuba, on a stage set up in the middle of a street, for an audience that It even clustered on top of trees.

“Random review”, said Gabriela Versiani’s current boyfriend, with whom he often exchanges affectionate statements on the web.

Fans are shocked by Maiara’s voice

In a duet with Murilo Huff on the song “Passou da Conta”, by Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, Maiara left some fans apprehensive. “Guys, she sings like she can’t handle it, especially putting her hand [na barriga] like this all the time”, commented one follower. “My God, she can’t sing”, wrote another, shocked.

“She’s so skinny that she doesn’t even have a voice to sing anymore, poor thing,” lamented a fan. “What’s wrong with this girl? Her voice didn’t come out, she looks like she’s feeling sick. Murilo’s face looking at her… looks like he’s scared”, commented another. Watch the video below!

Target of criticism, Maiara reveals weight loss process

Soon after going viral on the web because of his impressive weight loss and placing the term “Ozempic head” in the most talked about topics on X [antigo Twitter]Maiara talked about her new body.


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