Fernanda Lima embarrasses Rodrigo Hilbert and exposes lack of sex

In a program on pay TV, the muse confessed that the couple has no time to have sex

During ‘Bem Juntinho’, which aired on GNT, this Thursday, the 22nd, Fernanda Lima and the husband, Rodrigo Hilberthad an unusual moment.

The agenda, for those who haven’t seen it, was about the lack of time in the rhythm of today’s society. Then sex came into the theme and Hilbert wanted to know if people were also leaving intimacies aside because of the rush.

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“But do we even have time for sex?”, asked the actor to a guest. Cutting off the answer, Fernanda Lima said in the can: “Us, without a doubt!”.

The moment made for a good laugh on the show and Rodrigo Hilbert tried to get his out of the way, making fun of the situation with his companion. “I didn’t ask you, I asked Henrique [Vicentini, psicanalista convidado]love”, countered the famous.

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Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert

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Fernanda Lima explains herself

Before ending the attraction, the artist took her husband out of the tight skirt and justified the “complaint” about the lack of sex between the two, who are already parents of three children: João, Francisco and Maria Manoela.

“I feel that sometimes there is no time. It’s such a busy day. There are so many demands, she still has a child, sometimes very unpleasant things to play during the day. When night comes, I feel tired,” said the blonde. “Of course there’s time,” agreed his companion.

“Sometimes I really don’t. And then that moment of the couple is missing”, concluded the muse.

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