Government ignores covid, which killed 283 in one week


283 Brazilians died from Covid-19 between Sunday, March 17 and the following Saturday (23), in the most recent epidemiological week recorded by Conass, the National Council of Health Secretaries. The Ministry of Health abandoned monitoring these numbers in February 2023, prohibiting its employees from disclosing them, and continues with the intriguing attitude of ignoring almost 2.4 million cases, in addition to 17,396 deaths, since Lula’s inauguration and until a month ago, March 2nd.

Uncontrolled viruses

The covid numbers in 2024, recorded by Conass, until the beginning of March are staggering: 518,972 new cases and 2,611 deaths.

Ignored diseases

Despite the cases and deaths from covid and dengue, the Lula government does not show that it plans information campaigns for the population.

Out of the headlines

The attitude of ignoring the epidemics that simultaneously attack Brazilians is also seen in the news that obeys the government.

Covid knocks on the door

It is expected that the government will abandon lethargy, if it is simply a case of incapacity, after vice-president Geraldo Alckmin contracts Covid.

Lula’s insults to Israel led to investor flight

Market analysts such as the experienced and admired Flávio Conde, from Levante, assess that Lula’s (PT) insults against Israel are among the reasons for the flight of foreign investors, who have taken more than R$23.5 billion from Brazil this year alone. This impact was reinforced by Lula’s attempt to intervene in Vale, to impose Guido Mantega as president of the company privatized in 1997, where the government does not have a single action, and interference in Petrobras, imposing large losses on the companies.

Worth the loss

Lula’s pressure to impose Mantega as president of Vale imposed losses on this global private company, and its shares plummeted.

Petrobras shrank

Lula’s interference, cheating Petrobras shareholders and changing the dividend policy, also caused serious losses.


A large part of the foreign contributions have Jewish origin, including those that make up the most important investment funds in the world.

Power without shame

deceased voter

Gaucho political folklore has it that when campaigning for state deputy in Pelotas, in 1974, Mr. Elias adopted the strategy of attending wakes. He arrived softly, with a dismayed look, and greeted the family of the deceased. One day he arrived late for a wake, but in time to hold the handle of the coffin. He recognized, next door, on the other handle, an opponent, who, so sad, seemed to be linked to the dead man. Mr. Elias started a conversation in a whispering tone: “Who is the illustrious deceased?” The man was disconcertingly sincere: “I don’t know, but the family is large and almost everyone is old enough to vote…”

Card ceiling

Suggestion from reader Antonio Saraiva, when reacting to the Lula government’s spending on corporate cards (R$170 million in 85 days): “It’s time to create a spending ceiling for corporate cards!”

I live and April 1st

The article “Sergio Moro and the 1st of April disguised as the State of Law”, by journalist Mário Sabino, went viral among politicians and magistrates in Brasília, highlighting the emblematic date of the start of the trial aimed at punishing the former judge who had the audacity to put thieving politicians in jail.


Kim Kataguiri (União-SP) revealed that he gained disaffection after facing former deputy (currently with a big mouth at Petrobras) Marcelo Ramos, who defended salary increases for deputies: “He never spoke to me again”.

Other interests

Interest in the PEC of Prerogatives, which aims to protect parliamentarians and restrict PF actions, has cooled. Rodrigo Valadares (União-SE), author of the text, will seek support from the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira.

Does it proceed?

Daily Power Poll on who will most influence the 2024 election: ideology/party, themes (Security, etc.), interests or press/networks. Ideology won. Communicators did not receive a single vote.


President of the Entrepreneurship Front, Joaquim Passarinho (PL-PA) told the column that he sought out the government to have space in the tax reform working groups, but was ignored. Now he discusses the issue in Congress, with no interest in dialoguing with Planalto.

False idols

After a far-left group claimed responsibility for the attack on the directory of deputy André Fernandes (PL), in Fortaleza (CE) and his home, in Macapá (AP), Silvia Waiãpi (PL) recalled: “false ideology and crime go hand in hand in these movements.”

Lots of name, strict interest

Parliamentarians from the “support for the national development system (SNP) for financing development” front defended a rapid transition in tax reform. The SNP is an association of public and private banks.

Question in Health

Epidemic without vaccine does not yield CPI?

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