“Where do you put the trash?”

“Where do you put the trash?”
“Where do you put the trash?”

He’s hot, hot and aware!

In the middle of the second half of last year, Sergio Marone shocked the internet by revealing that one of his personality traits is ecosexuality.

Now, after a few good months, the actor gave an interview, published this Tuesday (2), for the Play column, by journalist Anna Luiza Santiago, from the newspaper O Globo, and detailed how he approaches friends and hookups in in relation to his interest in nature.

For him, the way each person collects garbage is a determining factor in the longevity of a relationship with him.

“I’m not that guy who attracts attention, but when I’m with friends, I make some comments, like: ‘Where do you put your trash?’. If a person doesn’t separate the trash, something is already left in the air. I’m not one to dictate rules, but to give tips and leave them in the air. And of course you end up making natural selection. I have very little interest in relating to people who do not have this awareness. When I see a person alienated, disconnected from reality, I lose a lot of interest in relating to them, both in terms of friendship and in a romantic relationship.”

He also spoke again about how he understood himself as ecosexual: “When I came across this term on the internet, I immediately identified myself. He is nothing more than a person who takes pleasure in simple things in life.”

If you’re not familiar with the term, an “ecosexual” is someone who understands pleasure and intimacy as something related to conscious involvement with the environment and the simplicity of everyday life.

“Opening the window and feeling a breeze on your face, swimming naked in the sea, walking barefoot on the grass, lying down, rolling in the grass, walking on sand on the beach… These are people who enjoy interacting with nature, and I am that person ”, he listed, telling us what he likes to do.

“I was asked about this by a journalist. The article reverberated, and the term was among the most searched on Google for a week. I loved it, we managed to pierce the bubble and connect it with the dough”, concluded the actor.

You know then, huh, guys! To have a chance with the divo, you need to clearly separate what is metal, what is glass, what is plastic and so on. Conscience, loves!

The article is in Portuguese

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