Total FGTS withdrawal: How this new measure can benefit workers

Total FGTS withdrawal: How this new measure can benefit workers
Total FGTS withdrawal: How this new measure can benefit workers

The government’s recent announcement could mark a historic turning point for Brazilian workers. An audacious proposal is being presented, which aims to enable the complete withdrawal of the balance retained in the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), a measure that will have a significant impact on millions of people. This proposal represents not only a change in economic and labor policies, but also a potential transformation in the financial lives and social security of workers in Brazil.

What is the total FGTS withdrawal?

Currently, there are restrictions that limit access to the full balance of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS). The government’s new proposal seeks to eliminate these barriers, allowing unemployed workers to access their full funds.

This change would not only benefit around 7.2 million unemployed people but would also inject around R$22 billion into the economy, according to estimates from the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE).

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How to withdraw the full FGTS?

For those looking to access these resources, the process has been simplified. Here’s a quick guide to checking and withdrawing your FGTS retained balance:

  • Download the FGTS app on Google Play or Apple Store;
  • Access the application and click on “See all your accounts”;
  • Consult the details of your FGTS accounts.

Consultation is also possible at Caixa branches or via internet banking for Caixa customers.

Who is entitled to the full FGTS withdrawal?

There are several situations that entitle the worker to withdraw the retained FGTS, such as: unfair dismissal, retirement, contract termination by mutual agreement, among others. It is important to highlight that the possibility of total withdrawal aims to broadly benefit workers in different situations.

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Is full withdrawal of FGTS a good idea?

Minister Luiz Marinho highlighted that the FGTS represents an important financial reserve to protect workers in times of need, highlighting the potential of the measure to help Brazilians.

In summary, the possible release of the full FGTS withdrawal signals a promising future for millions of Brazilians, offering an opportunity for financial recovery and stability. For more information about the consultation and withdrawal steps, access the official app or look for a Caixa branch.

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