Billionaires 2024: Eduardo Saverin is the richest Brazilian in the world



The leadership is Eduardo Saverin, one of the founders of Facebook, with assets of US$28 billion (R$141.4 billion)

A Forbes US announced this Tuesday (02) the 2024 billionaires list. There are 69 Brazilians present, with a fortune of more than US$1 billion (R$5.05 billion). Leadership is Eduardo Saverin, one of the founders of Facebook, with assets of US$28 billion (R$141.4 billion). In second place is Vicky Safra and her familywith assets of US$20.6 billion (R$104 billion).

The list shows few changes compared to the 2023 list. The three main partners of 3G and builders of the Amber empire remain: Jorge Paulo Lemannwith US$16.4 billion (R$82.8 billion), Marcel Telleswith US$10.9 billion (R$55.15 billion) and Carlos Alberto Sicupira, with US$8.9 billion (R$44.9 billion).

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Two members of the controlling family of Itaú Unibanco are part of the top 10, being the brothers Fernando Roberto Moreira Salleswith US$7.6 billion (R$38.3 billion) and Pedro Moreira Salleswith US$7.1 billion (R$35.8 billion).

And to complete the list of the ten richest we have André Esteves, from BTG Pactualwith US$6.6 billion (R$33.4 billion), Alexandre Behringwith US$6.3 billion (R$31.9 billion) and Miguel Krigsnerwith US$5.7 billion (R$28.7 billion).

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In total, the ten richest in Brazil have a accumulated fortune of US$ 118.1 billion (R$596.4 billion).

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