Fine of R$ 110.00 for anyone using PIRATA TV Box? Understand!

Fine of R$ 110.00 for anyone using PIRATA TV Box? Understand!
Fine of R$ 110.00 for anyone using PIRATA TV Box? Understand!

For some time now, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) has been closing in on the famous TV Boxes. For those who don’t know, these are those little boxes for transmitting content, often used in piracy. In addition to monitoring illegal IPTV channels and the sale of contraband, the agency has also been proposing the imposition of fines and changes in legislation. However, one of the proposals was not accepted by pay-TV operators and manufacturers.

In short, Anatel has been carrying out a public consultation to identify the requirements for evaluating and certifying a product so that it can be considered an official smart TV Box. According to the text, inspection of software and illegal applications on equipment would be carried out by certification bodies, prior to approval. Want to know more about? So, follow along with us and stay on top of it.

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Inspection of pirated TV Box

As mentioned, Anatel has been carrying out a public consultation regarding an official smart TV Box. However, operators Vivo, Claro and the Brazilian Association of Pay Television (ABTA) did not like it. And, therefore, they refuted whether this really is the appropriate measure to reduce piracy.

“ABTA members understand that the best tool to combat the commercialization and use of this equipment is the interruption of its operation from the Brazilian connection providers. This measure will reduce the demand, and consequently, the supply of illegal smart TV boxes in the country”, said the entity, according to Teletime.

Furthermore, Roku, which is also an important player in the smart TV Boxes sector, also harshly criticized the text.

“It would be exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, for even a legitimate streaming service provider to undertake the certification proposed by Anatel.”

Incidentally, Roku itself said that, even with its anti-piracy policy, it cannot simultaneously monitor all the contents of its application.

“As a result, companies offering legitimate products and services may be banned from the Brazilian market, as there can be no practical guarantee that every piece of content available at any given time in an app store has been legally uploaded.”

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Fine of BRL 110

On the other hand, the content producers that are part of the global campaign of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to combat piracy, and at Simba Content (a joint venture between SBT, RedeTV! and Record) only asked for some adjustments. Among them, for example, we can mention the use of a different terminology of smart TV Box.

In turn, the National Association of Electronics Manufacturers (Eletros) just celebrated the fact that Anatel had left televisions and computers out of this discussion.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that, as a result of another public survey on piracy in TV Boxes this year, Anatel will begin to apply more expensive fines to users of illegal devices in the country. In view of this, final consumers and individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) who have been violating the new resolution will have to pay BRL 110 if they are denounced.

The same goes for large companies that are offering or selling TV Boxes that violate Anatel’s resolution. They may have to pay up to R$30 million in fines.

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