Daniel sacrifices himself to rescue Paula

Daniel sacrifices himself to rescue Paula
Daniel sacrifices himself to rescue Paula

Do you want to know what will happen in the next chapter of Tropical paradise? Check out the summary of what will be shown on the Globo soap opera this Monday, April 1, 2024:

Tropical Paradise Summary – Chapter 82 – 01/04

Fábio Assunção in Paraíso Tropical

Jáder finds out about Evaldo’s death. Marion suggests to Bebel that she leave with Urbano. Bebel takes the copy of the necklace.

Mercedes, Lúcia and Daniel plan to rescue Paula. Olavo returns Taís’ documents. Fernanda blames Camila for Fred’s worries.

Taís tells Daniel that he made a mistake and returns the passport. Daniel changes the safe’s secret. Cláudio tries to kiss Yvone, but she backs away. Bebel throws Urbano’s necklace into the sea. Marion is furious when she realizes that she will need another copy of the necklace.

Lúcia, Daniel and Mercedes enter the clinic and Daniel confronts Edson. Mercedes turns off the clinic’s lights and a fire breaks out.

Mercedes, Lúcia, Paula and Daniel manage to escape. Before that, Daniel risks his life to save Edson and almost gets caught in the fire.

Neli finds out that Joana is working in a nightclub. Fernanda provokes Camila and Fred finds his wife’s reaction strange. Hermínia is suspicious of Clemente. Jáder goes out with Heloísa. Ana Luisa shelters Daniel and Paula.

Marion fights with Bebel for throwing the real necklace into the sea. Taís listens. Mercedes lies to Olavo that Paula died. Bebel gives the copy of the necklace to Urbano, who doesn’t notice the difference.

Marion tries to find the necklace at the bottom of the sea. Lúcia says she is not pregnant and Antenor suggests she go to the doctor. Odete listens to Fred saying that she got into debt to buy the restaurant.

Ana Luísa meets Taís and mistakes her for Paula.

Paraíso Tropical is shown on Globo from Monday to Friday, after Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

It is worth remembering that the chapters are provided by the broadcaster and can be changed without prior notice.

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