After humiliation, character will have biggest comeback in Renascer


The week will begin to mark a big turning point in the life of Sandra (Giullia Buscacio) in Reborn. The character will hear João Pedro (Juan Paiva) say that he doesn’t love her, fight with her father (Egídio), who will kick her out of the house, and end the relationship with her lover after she feels humiliated.

Juan Paiva and Giullia Buscacio in Renascer

And the one who will pay the price for all this is precisely the girl’s father, who will have a terrible surprise when Jacutinga’s (Juliana Paes) house reopens.

Recently, after finishing law school, Sandra returned from Salvador and settled on the farm. Since then, she has started to face her father, who treats his wife, Iolanda (Camila Morgado) badly, abuses his employees, such as Tião Galinha (Irandhir Santos) and hits on the humble Joaninha (Alice Carvalho).

What will happen to Sandra in Renascer?

At home, Sandra started giving Egídio a lot of headaches, clashing with his decisions.

To make matters worse, Sandra met João Pedro and ended up falling in love with the boy, the son of José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira), her father’s greatest enemy.

Even knowing about the disagreements between the families, the girl didn’t care and started a relationship with João Pedro, irritating Egídio even more. But his torment hasn’t even started yet and there will be worse things to come.

Sandra ends up with João Pedro in Renascer?

Next week, João Pedro, still in love with Mariana (Theresa Fonseca) will open his heart and tell Sandra that he doesn’t love her. The girl will feel rejected and put an end to the relationship.

After that, Sandra will try to return to her home, but she will not be welcomed by Egídio, who will expel his daughter from home, without giving her a single penny.

Without swallowing the decision, she will decide to take revenge in the worst way possible: with public humiliation. Everything will change when Sandra is leaving town.

Who will reopen the Jacutinga brothel in Renascer?

During a stop at Norberto’s (Matheus Nachtergaele) bar, she will see the residence where the Jacutinga ladies’ house operated and will ask to see the place.

As the property belongs to the merchant, the young woman will ask to rent it, but he will refuse for fear of suffering reprisal from Egídio. Some time later, however, Rachid (Almir Sater) will buy the house and rent it to the girl.

From then on, Sandra will begin her revenge against her father and reopen the Jacutinga brothel, commanding the establishment. Egídio will fall back when he discovers that it is his daughter who is calling the shots.

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