‘You think you’re fooling me’

‘You think you’re fooling me’
‘You think you’re fooling me’

Davi pointed out a change in behavior in a rival brother and warned Fada’s allies that he is paying attention to his opponent’s actions

After deleting Fernanda and the victory of Giovanna in yet another lead on Globo’s BBB 24, the brothers from the Fada room went to the room and talked a little about the game. During the early hours of this Monday, 1, David warned Isabelle It is Beatrice about the change in behavior of a Gnome opponent.

According to the app driver, Lucas Henrique “makes an effort to hear conversations” in the group. “Lucas is coming here a lot, you know? He’s talking to us, wanting to be good too, he’s scared of going to Paredão, but his time will come. A person who has a double personality in the house has a double personality“, he began.

Afterwards, Davi explained to his sister that Lucas Henrique changes his behavior when he is not leading the reality show. Up to this point in the game, the capoeirista has already won the Leader’s Test three times.

With the necklace, with him being Leader, he will turn into a lion. He won’t talk to anyone. When he is gaining things in the house, he becomes an animal, he transforms. Now, when he is without the necklace, he doesn’t get anything, he stays all soft, quiet, he comes to talk. He thinks he’s fooling me“, declared David. And he added: “Inconvenient. He keeps looking at us to want to listen to the conversation“.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that Davi criticizes his rival’s behavior. Recently, in a conversation with Lucas, the young man revealed that he is bothered by the fact that Gnome’s opponent always pays attention to conversations in the Fada group. Buddha, in turn, denied that it is purposeful.

Fernanda reveals regret after elimination

In the early hours of this Monday, the 1st, Fernanda reflected on her participation in the reality show shortly after her elimination from Globo’s ‘Big Brother Brasil 24’. In her interview with ‘Bate-Papo BBB’, the confectioner revealed one of her biggest regrets and even admitted to having acted in a “low” way during her stay in the most watched house in Brazil.

While watching some of his controversial comments on the show during the conversation with Ed Gama It is Thais Fersoza, Fernanda expressed regret. In fact, the confectioner made a point of highlighting that she no longer agrees with his controversial statements: “Being there is crazy. The perception is different. How I see myself here is another matter“, he began.

But when you’re living there, everything is very strange. Everything seems very set up, everything seems very defined, everything seems very fake. All movements seem premeditated. Interested at all times. And we can, yes, form prejudices. We have. We look and see that it doesn’t match, that it doesn’t match“, Fernanda said.

Afterwards, the Rio native continued to admit some mistakes, without mentioning the names of participants. Check out!

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