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Podcast features animal sounds that can be confused with other species

Listener Sérgio Vick, from Pirassununga (SP), really likes to hear the sound of birds and has already learned to identify some of them, such as the trinca-iron and thrush. But he has a vocalization that Sérgio can’t know who it is. He then sent the audio to the Sons of Earth team who unraveled the issue. To the listener’s surprise, the owner of the mysterious voice is a primate and not a bird (listen to the podcast).

In this episode of Sons da Terra, reporters from Terra da Gente talk to biologist Carolina Lisboa, from the University of Brasília, who recorded 25 different vocalizations of the capuchin monkey and studied the species’ vocal repertoire. Sapajus libidinosus.

Just like the monkey that deceived the listener Sérgio, there are amphibians that “imitate” a bird. This is the case of the rapids frog, which lives under the noisy sound of the rapids and emits a kind of “cheep” very quietly, capable of confusing even the most experienced observers.

Also in this episode, the biologist Luciano Lima reveals which birds have a vocalization similar to the moo of the ox and another that has already been confused with a ghost.

*The Sons da Terra podcast is produced by reporters Marcelo Ferri, Ananda Porto and Paulo Augusto and by Terra da Gente biologist and consultant Luciano Lima. The edition is by Samuel Dias.

Discover the 'Sons da Terra' podcast by Terra da Gente

Discover the ‘Sons da Terra’ podcast by Terra da Gente

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