Corinthians turns, but Inter reacts and draws game at Arena

Corinthians turns, but Inter reacts and draws game at Arena
Corinthians turns, but Inter reacts and draws game at Arena

Corinthians and Internacional drew 2-2 in an icy and crowded Neo Química Arena this Sunday (14). And Alvinegro escaped from taking the turn in a game in which he himself reversed the score after conceding goals at 40 seconds.

The game had a good first half for the home team and a second stage of total dominance by the Colorados Alemão and Alan Patrick made for the visitors. Balbuena and Yuri Alberto made it for the home team.

Who most liked the result was Palmeiras. If he won, Timão would take two points from the leader’s advantage. Timão and Internacional reach 43 – eight less than the alviverdes.

Timão will only return to the field on Sunday (11), against São Paulo, in Morumbi. Inter receives Cuiabá next Saturday (10).

game chronology

Inter opened the scoring after just 1 minute, with Alemão, in a good move, invading the area from the right with the ball dominated and a left kick. Corinthians didn’t take long to equalize: at 12, Gustavo Silva took a corner, Gil went up a lot and Balbuena appeared in the small area to complete for the net: 1 to 1. Corinthians, who were better, turned with Yuri Alberto, who got a rebound in Guedes kick and made it 2 to 1 for Timão. But Inter grew in the 2nd half and drew level in the 22nd minute, with Alan Patrick.

Corinthians game: Retreated and attracted Inter

Corinthians left behind, but did not shrink. Thus, even with the goal conceded shortly after the kick-off, Timão was not shy and, still in the first stage, managed to turn the score around. Corinthians did not withdraw their lines to try to counterattack, but that was how the team arrived more times in the first stage, with speed along the sides of the field.

In the second stage, Corinthians shrank a little and ended up attracting Inter. It took the tie and could have conceded more goals.

Internacional’s game: Intensity and construction of plays

Inter opened the scoring and took the turn in two missed goals. Mano Menezes’ team kept their pace high and had, even in the first stage, a chance to draw, betting on the arrival of many players simultaneously.

In the second stage, the team from Rio Grande do Sul went up against Corinthians and stayed with the ball for a long time. Many times, Mano Menezes’ team had difficulty invading the area. But, when he bet on the transition in speed on the sides, he took danger, as in the tie move, built by the left. It was close to the turning point.

It went well at Corinthians: Balbuena showed confidence

The Paraguayan, scorer of Corinthians’ first goal, was very safe. He lost few disputes from above and was not complicated by the numerous Colorado attack, which at one point put six players in the area at the same time.

Yuri turns to Corinthians

It did well at Inter: Alemão is too annoying

He scored a goal with 40 seconds and gave a spectacular puncture at the end of the 1st half. And for the rest of the entire game, he was very annoying for the Corinthians defense, both coming with the ball and making walls and playing on the ground.

Too bad: Roger Guedes could have decided

Timão’s number 9 even participated well in the game, but, on more than one occasion, he had clear chances to decide the match for Corinthians and lost. He gets the negative record not so much for what he did, but for what he could have done.

German punished rivals

German opens scoring for Inter

Scorer of the goal that opened the scoring at Neo Química Arena, the Alemão striker has specialized in punishing the greats of São Paulo. In addition to today’s goal against Corinthians, he also scored in Inter’s 2-1 defeat by Palmeiras, in the last round of the 1st round.

Fausto Vera was below previous games

Praised for his performance in recent matches, midfielder Fausto Vera, who has not completed two months at the club, had a difficult afternoon. Two balls lost by him, against Alemão, in the first half, and Alan Patrick, in the second, almost complicated Alvinegro.

Rafael Ramos spent 11 minutes on the field

Fagner’s replacement, at halftime, who felt discomfort in his left thigh, Rafael Ramos did not complete 12 minutes on the field. The player also suffered an injury to his left thigh and ended up being replaced by ex-colorado Bruno Méndez, burning a VP move.

Edenilson and Ramos did not meet, and Colorado is booed

Launched at 19′ by Mano, midfielder Edenilson did not have the displeasure of being on the field at the same time as Rafael Ramos, whom he accused of rational injury in the 1st turn. Interestingly, in addition to the two players, referee Bráulio Machado is the same as that match.

The negative record is that Edenilson, ex-Corinthians, was booed on entering the field, certainly in allusion to the Porto Alegre episode.



Competitions: Brazilian Championship, 25th round
Date and time: September 4, 2022, at 4 pm (GMT)
Place: Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo-SP
Referee: Bráulio da Silva Machado (FIFA/SC)
Auxiliaries: Kleber Lucio Gil (FIFA/SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (VAR-FIFA/RN)
yellow: Daniel (INT)
goals: German, at 40 seconds’ of the 1st time (INT) and Alan Patrick, at 22′ of the 2nd. Balbuena, at 12′, and Yuri Alberto, at 19′ of the 1st half (COR)

CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Fagner (Rafael Ramos) (Bruno Méndez), Gil, Balbuena and Fábio Santos; Fausto Vera, Ramiro (Cantilo) and Giuliano (Roni); Adson, Gustavo Silva (Vital), Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto. Technician: Victor Pereira.

INTERNATIONAL: Daniel; Bustos, Vitão, Mercado and Renê; Gabriel, Johnny (Edenilson), De Pena (Alan Patrick), Wanderson and Mauricio (Pedro Henrique); German (Romero). Technician: Bro Menezes.

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