the parallel between F1 and the high stakes game

the parallel between F1 and the high stakes game
the parallel between F1 and the high stakes game

Formula 1, which we can also call just F1, is a creation of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), and dates back to 1950. From then on, a series of rules and criteria were established in the construction of cars.

The objective, as you can imagine, was to allow the competition to be fair, and for there to be some possibility of pairing between race participants.

The first official race took place in May 1950, in England – more precisely on the Silverstone circuit. The winner was Nino Farina, an Italian who was in an impressive Alfa Romeo.

In time: in Portugal, the history of Formula 1 began with the race at the Circuito Urbano da Boavista, in the city of Porto, in the 1958 season. On that occasion, the winner was the British Sir Stirling Moss – who, incidentally, was also successful the following year, in the urban circuit of Parque Florestal de Monsanto, in Lisbon.

In 1960, shortly after the events mentioned above, the first racing cars with a rear spoiler appeared worldwide. At the same time, structural changes to cars sought ways to give drivers more comfort and ease when driving at high speeds.

From then on, the sport acquired great status and attracted audiences of different profiles, across the globe. Today, it is associated with adrenaline, luxury and the ability to persist and take risks in search of victory.

If you look closely, the above description could apply to something else: the world of betting. Just like Formula 1 drivers, those interested in the world of online casinos in Portugal also enjoy the sensations of suspense and anticipation for the best.

That’s not all: there are quite intimate relationships between F1 and the High Stakes Game. In this article, guest expert Rodrigo Netto will talk a little about these intersections and how the world of betting games has been looking for ways to collaborate in the development of this extreme sport.

The search for adrenaline
For some people, adrenaline is accompanied by positive bodily effects, more energy and also the famous “feeling of being alive”. It is no coincidence that they always seek to be immersed in environments that allow them to be, with some frequency, fed with pinches of adrenaline.

Both players and drivers know they are taking risks. They, however, must be aware that everything they do involves responsibility, quick thinking and the ability to make good predictions. The desire for reward exists, it is true, but the journey towards it is also pleasurable.

Anyone who believes that betting is only linked to luck is mistaken. As in sport, you can and should rely on your knowledge and make good strategies.

The possibility of encountering something unexpected will always exist, because nothing is defined until the end, but that is part of the game and the sport – and that, in fact, makes us stay interested.

Just to finish this topic, it is important to point out that there is another thing that is very enjoyable for both audiences: instant gratification.

What does that mean? That, well, even if we can’t know who will win, the results will come quickly, even if those final seconds seem eternal. This goes for the tracks and the machines!

Innovation as a goal
If you usually follow races, you know that cars can always be improved and that team times can always be lower.

This desire to always be at the top is motivating in many areas – and can also be recognized in the operation of many companies specializing in betting games or casinos, whether online or real.

In both cases, the search is always to improve the experience of the person who makes the game happen: that is, the driver or the bettor.

Themed games
The world of tracks is also present within the machines available in casinos. If you like slot machines, you’ve certainly come across one that uses elements from the world of Formula 1.

It is expected that, with the development of new platforms, we will soon be able to enjoy, within betting houses, virtual reality games based on the experience of being part of a race.

Real investment
Did you know that casinos invest directly in various sectors of society, including in the development of new technologies and Formula 1 talent?

With the support of casinos, research is carried out focusing on driver safety, design, operating capacity and performance of cars and even improving race tracks.

The idea is to make them more pleasant and comfortable for spectators, through the installation of more modern and similar seats, but also safer for the teams, who will receive more attention and facilities that enhance and facilitate their work.

Casinos are direct sponsors of the sport, but they understand that, in addition, it is necessary to provide possibilities for those “who are just arriving”. This way, we can perpetuate the sport, create opportunities and draw attention to multiple causes.

The first connection that can be made between Formula 1 and the Big Bet Game is linked to the fact that, in both cases, there is a desire for adrenaline and a certain pleasure in uncertainty.

We know that there are risks, that we need to be strategic and look at the “big picture”, but we also understand that the journey is almost as pleasurable as victory.

Sport, like betting, requires a real presence: you can’t have your head elsewhere. What is happening triggers you, moves you and allows you to experience the here and now. In such a virtual world, this type of contact generates immense feelings of belonging and pleasure.

As we briefly mentioned in another thread, both players and drivers experience what we call instant gratification: the results are uncertain and may change a few times during the match or race, but when they arrive… it’s done. And it doesn’t usually take long!

The proximity between these two worlds, that of sport and that of betting, is so great that, today, it is possible to find games that make use of the vocabulary and universe of tracks within some of the biggest casinos in the world, and also in online casinos. .

Ultimately, the marriage works because these are worlds that feed each other back: casinos collaborate to develop new talents and technologies within the sport, while the sport attracts interested parties to the world of betting, makes it more luxurious and makes use of your rooms for meetings, parties, among other things.

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