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In Kin, a documentary produced by Patagonia, Dave Rastovich and his family explore the surfing lifestyle, nature and fun

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Rastovich wife – April 2024 – Patagonia documentary

Kin, a new short film in which Dave Rastovich is the protagonist, presents the beautiful landscape of Lord Howe Island, located in Australia and listed as a World Heritage Site.

Produced by Patagonia, directed by Lauren L. Hill and Andrew Buckley, the video shows Rastovich and his family exploring what nature has to offer on the island – which sits in the Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand, and is heavily protected from development to preserve its ecosystems.

The island only receives 400 visitors at a time and is a two-hour flight from the east coast of Australia. The narrative has a message for all of us that everyone has a duty to care for the ocean and reminds everyone that the choices we make today will impact future generations.

About the film, Lauren L. Hill, director, said:

“We are all sea creatures on the largest island on Earth, depending on a living ocean. As a family, the ocean is where we play, connect, and are humbled by our smallness. But protecting Australia’s ocean is about much more than just the here and now. It’s about securing marine sanctuaries that will impact future generations – ensuring a future that is not just livable, but prosperous.”

This is a short film that goes far beyond surfing.

Grade 10.

Source Patagonia

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