Recent judgment indicates that Massa should lose against FIA and FOM


Felipe Massa, known for his distinguished Formula 1 career, faces a considerable legal challenge in his $125 million legal battle against the FIA ​​and Formula 1 over the 2008 world championship. That year was marked by an emotional and controversial outcome, in which Lewis Hamilton snatched the title in the last moment of the Brazilian GP, ​​beating Massa, who had won the race. However, Massa’s objection focuses not on this event, but on the controversial Singapore GP.

During the Singapore GP, Nelson Piquet Jr. was instructed by Renault to intentionally crash his car, favoring the chances of victory for his teammate, Fernando Alonso. The incident was only revealed after Piquet was fired from the team the following year, leading to an investigation that culminated in the punishment of key members of the Renault team.

Years later, Bernie Ecclestone, F1’s former commercial chief, admitted being aware of the allegations before the end of the 2008 season. As a result, more than a decade after the title was awarded to Hamilton, Massa initiated legal action, not seeking reversing the result of the championship, but rather claiming financial damages for the loss of the title due to the FIA’s non-intervention.

However, the basis of Massa’s argument appears weak, assuming that the FIA ​​could have acted differently regarding the result of the Singapore GP. The FIA, through a recent case at the International Court of Appeal (ICA), has reiterated that it does not have the authority to annul race results, except in circumstances where an appropriate appeal is submitted by a competitor, which did not occur in this case. from Singapore.

Therefore, Massa’s legal battle faces significant obstacles, both in the form of sporting regulations and the practical realities of an F1 season, indicating that the possibility of a legal victory is challenging to say the least.

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