‘Palmeiras has benefited for two years’

‘Palmeiras has benefited for two years’
‘Palmeiras has benefited for two years’
Written by Lance!

• Published on 04/01/2024 – 17:25 • São Paulo (SP)

John Textor, majority partner of SAF do Botafogoagain accused that the Palm trees would have benefited from arbitration in recent years. Without presenting them, the North American claimed to have “heavy evidence, 100% confirmed” about the case.

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According to the businessman, Verdão has been “helped” for at least two seasons.

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– Last year was turbulent. I’m not going to let what happened last year go unchecked. We are in a new season to come. We have heavy evidence, 100% confirmed, that Palmeiras has been benefiting from result manipulation for at least two seasons. Sorry if this is going to create noise, but I have proof, I’ll send it to the prosecutors. I’m here to defend the honor of my club. The players have to play, the fans have to cheer. But this is a fight, and we are together. You can be sure that no one will touch our matches this year. I promise you – he said, in an interview with “Canal do Medeiros”.

In 2023, Alviverde was Brazilian champion and surpassed Glorioso in the table, which had a 14 point advantage over the São Paulo team. Previously, in 2022, Verdão also won the tournament. On both occasions, no authority showed signs of favoritism.

Textor began his “battle” against Palmeiras when Botafogo was defeated 4-3, in the last edition of the Brasileirão. He defined the match as “robbery”, made accusations of corruption and asked for the resignation of the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ednaldo Rodrigues. The statements culminated in his suspension for 30 days.

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Since then, the owner of the Rio team’s SAF has been accusations of corruption cases in Brazilian arbitration, but never presented evidence. Last March, Verdão issued a note addressing the topic.

Textor initiated accusations against Palmeiras after Botafogo’s defeat, in 2023 (Photo: Maga Jr/Agencia F8/Gazeta Press)


Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras informs that it will take all applicable legal measures – in the civil, criminal and sporting spheres – against the owner of SAF do Botafogo, John Textor, so that he responds for the irresponsible and frivolous statements that, recurrently, have involved the name of the current two-time Brazilian champion.

Our 109-year history is guided by ethics and respect for opponents and entities. If Textor has information about the practice of illegal acts in Brazilian football, he should immediately present it to the competent bodies, including the public.

Accepting defeat, no matter how painful it may be, is the first step to be taken by those who want to rise again. It’s worth remembering that, last year, we suffered a tough elimination in the Libertadores semi-final, but we overcame it quickly because we were self-critical and didn’t outsource blame.

Instead of managing a moment of instability with the coolness expected of a businessman, however, Textor prefers to behave like an old-fashioned caricatured top hat.

We emphasize our deepest respect for Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas, a century-old club with which we had the privilege of competing, in 2023, in one of the most exciting Brazilian championships in history.

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