Marvel causes controversy by adding new name among Wolverine creators, understand


The addition of Roy Thomas to the list of Wolverine creators was criticized by other artists


Wolverine is one of the most iconic characters in X-Men, standing out in the team and also in several solo adventures. For 50 years, the people credited as creating the character were Len Wein, Herb Trimpe and John Romita. For Deadpool & Wolverine, next feature where the character is present, a new name was added to the list: Roy Thomasthe editor-in-chief at the time the character was created, causing harsh criticism from some artists.

The information was revealed by Bobbie Chase the current editor-in-chief of Marvel in a Facebook post saying:

“Recently my friend and Len Widow’s widow, Christine Valada, received a call from a Marvel executive, David Bogart, informing her that on Deadpool & Wolverine, Roy Thomas would be credited as co-creator along with Len Wein and John Romita and David said that the deal was already closed. I was sitting in Christine’s kitchen last Sunday as she told me about the call. Of course she is seriously concerned about Len’s legacy. Len was extremely important to the comics industry and that legacy has been changed for the worse six years after his death.”

Chase was not the only one to speak out about the changes, as Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld said he was extremely upset:

“Guys, I wanted to tell you that Christine Valada, the widow of the great Len Wein, called me last Monday to share the news about Wolverine. I was immediately distraught and extremely upset. I’ve been enraged ever since. I have received numerous requests in the last few hours to comment on the matter and I will. Believe me, it’s coming. I just need a little more time.”

Announcement of Roy Thomas as co-creator of Wolverine was the target of much criticism from artists

Finally, Mark Waidknown for working in Justice League and also in demolisher explained the origin of the controversy better:

“A rule in comics: Editors cannot take co-creator credit for a character their writers and artists created for them. Playing suggestions is part of the editor’s job. Change my mind, just kidding, you’ll never change my mind on this.”

Some vehicles tried to contact Roy Thomas, but so far no statement has been released. Apparently, with the launch of Wolverine & Deadpool we will have a new name on the list of creators Logansomething that could still generate more controversy until the release of the film on the day July 26.

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