Company develops Harry Potter-style ‘invisibility cloak’


Life imitates art. Thus, a British company invented a Harry Potter-style “invisibility cloak (or shield).

They can hide people and objects in broad daylight, just like the cloak worn by the little wizard, a famous character created by JK Rowling. A team from Invisibility Shield Co, based in London (England), spent four years developing the technology. The idea came about when the British start-up said it wanted to turn fictional superpowers into reality.

“The possibilities are endless, but most importantly, these shields are a lot of fun. A functional invisibility shield that you can just roll up and sling over your shoulder? Two years ago, no one thought anyone could do that,” said Tristan Thompson, designer of the Invisibility Shield, according to the “Daily Star.”

The shield works with the help of a set of ultra-large lenses designed precisely in front of it. This redirected light is reflected by the person behind the shield, away from the observer on the other side.

Its shape and positioning cause the backlight from both sides to spread across the front of the shield, effectively hiding what’s behind.

The innovative products come in three sizes: 20cm high, costing 54 pounds (R$342) on the local market, 90cm for 329 pounds (R$2,085) and the 1.80m mega shield, which costs 769 pounds (R$ 4,875) and is “large enough to hide several people”.

Each unit is waterproof, requires no batteries, and is constructed from 100% recyclable materials.

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