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[Quiz] Which macabre smile from the cinema suits you best?

Some smiles are devilish…

Smile, the new horror movie from Paramount Pictures, is coming to theaters soon and with it smiles once again become a terrifying element on the big screen. In the plot, we meet a doctor who ends up falling in the middle of a curse epidemic tenebrous that manifests itself through a scary smile.

Before Smile, we’ve already had some pretty macabre smiles in excellent movies, whether horror, suspense and even heroes! But which one suits you best? Answer the questions and get ready to arrive at your Smile with a big smile on his face!

But before the quiz, enjoy and take a look at the movie trailer:

Are you the type of person who…

laughs when he sees someone getting hurt

laughs nervously in uncomfortable situations

almost never laughs in public

item image

Tell the truth, did you see the movie trailer up there?

Yes, I’ve seen it before and I’ve seen it again

Yes, I watched it, I hadn’t seen it yet.

No, but I’ve watched the trailer before

No, I’m afraid of horror movies

You are on vacation in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and in the basement you find a collection of mysterious objects. Which one catches your attention the most?

item image

the old camera

item image
item image

The book written in an unknown language

item image

I?! Enter a gloomy basement?! Never!

item image

You find an old DVD that says, “Don’t watch”, what do you do?

I watch with my hands over my eyes

I watch it, but I call some friends to watch it with me

Which of these horror movies is your favorite?

item image

You have been cursed and you have only one week to live. What do you do?

I try to figure out how to break the curse

I try to pass the curse on to someone else

I make the most of this last week

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