Demonstration in the center of Rio repudiates the 1964 coup and calls for


Last Monday (1st), marking the 60th anniversary of the coup d’état that established the civil-military dictatorship in Brazil, organizations fighting for memory, truth and justice, social movements, parliamentarians and members of civil society organized the act “ 60 years of the coup: Dictatorship Never Again”, in front of the building of the former Department of Order and Social Policy (Dops), in the center of Rio.

The demonstration aimed to remember the human rights violations that occurred during the dictatorship period to prevent them from happening again. In addition to asking for the penalization of the coup plotters of 1964 and January 8, 2023, the reinstallation of the Special Commission on Political Deaths and Disappearances and the transformation of the former Dops building into a space of memory and the opening of the dictatorship’s archives.

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For the historian and former advisor to the Rio State Truth Commission, Lucas Pedretti, “talking about 64 is not talking about the past, but about the present and future because repudiating the coup and the dictatorship creates resistance to the repetition of this violence” .

“In light of what happened on January 8th, in the face of a police force that promotes genocide in favelas and outskirts, we cannot think that state violence is a thing of the past. We will not accept the policy of forgetfulness and conciliation”, says Pedretti.

The president of the Tortura Nunca Mais Group in Rio, Rafael Maul, drew attention to the advancement of mass incarceration and asylum. “We cannot tolerate these spaces of torture, racism, LGBTphobia, spaces for misappropriation of public funds, we must fight against them. There is no tolerable situation for the advancement of genocide and militarization policies, for the advancement of prison policies in Rio de Janeiro,” he says.

Councilor Mônica Benício also participated in the demonstration and recalled the involvement of militias in the murder of her wife and also councilor Marielle Franco. According to her, these militia groups are “the fruits of a dictatorship that does not open its case to reveal what happened”.

“We will only move forward in a full democracy when we talk about reparations, justice and we cannot give up this debate, not for those lost in the dictatorship, not for Marielle Franco, not for every body of young black people who are killed by violence of the State”, concludes the councilor.

After the act, the protesters walked to the Academic Center of the National Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Rio (FND/UFRJ), a symbol of democratic resistance and popular struggles, where the annual Chico Mendes Medal of Resistance was awarded. by the Torture Never Again Group.

The honorees were international movements supporting the Palestinian resistance BDS and Stop the Wall; Gonzaguinha, an important voice of the resistance; Disobedient Stories, from Argentina, Leonel de Moura Brizola; the fighters for housing, land and human rights Maria Criseide da Silva and Wellington Marcelino Romana; Norberto Nehring, murdered by the dictatorship; Pastor Mozart, resistant and supportive since the times of the dictatorship; the Quilombos do Sapê in the North of Espírito Santo, still threatened today by the Armed Forces and the company Suzano S/A and Ranúsia Alves Rodrigues, murdered by the dictatorship.

Editing: Mariana Pitasse

The article is in Portuguese

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