Business opening grows 12% in RS in 2024

Business opening grows 12% in RS in 2024
Business opening grows 12% in RS in 2024

Looking at the other end, the extinction of CNPJs also showed an increase, but the absolute number remains below the total number of constitutions, which guarantees a positive balance in the generation of establishments.

Data from the Commercial Board show that the The advancement of new businesses in the State is mainly financed by smaller companies, according to the organization’s president, Lauren Momback. To the MEIs account for 80.3% of openings at the beginning of 2024. Ltda accounts for 17.5% of the total.

The process of establishing MEIs is centralized by the federal government. Therefore, JucisRS does not have many details to analyze the movement of these entrepreneurs. However, Lauren states that this large volume may occur due to the ease in the process involving the creation of MEIs and the need for minimum formalization and income.

Regarding limited companies, the president of the body states that, in addition to the economic environment and the facilities for registering a company, the expansion of the public that fits this model boosted the demand for Ltdas:

— Today, we have a limited liability company. There was Eireli (individual limited liability company), which was extinguished, and the possibility of having a limited company with a single partner was created. This made this increase in opening a Ltd. much easier.

Expectation for 2024

Last year, business openings closed with some stability, with a slight decline of 0.15% compared to 2022. Now, with numbers from the beginning of the year showing progress, experts show some optimism for the generation of new businesses in 2024.

Professor Marcos Lélis, from Unisinos, projects that this positive movement will continue in the opening of companies in the coming months. In addition to the economy being less pressured by inflation and interest rates, this year’s scenario has less uncertainty compared to the first half of 2023:

We have seen significant improvement and this environment should continue little by little in the first half of the year.especially when we compare it with the first half of 2023. Because at that time there was still a certain uncertainty, with a change in government, in economic policy.

The president of JucisRS, Lauren Momback, estimates a positive scenario for the creation of new companies in the State throughout 2024. She attributes this optimism to a series of factors, such as progress in reducing bureaucracy, with the use of artificial intelligence, more agile licensing and attraction companies:

— The Department of Economic Development has many projects to bring international investments to RS. I think that, in the year 2024, we will have very impressive numbers of all kinds, development, opening of companies, employment records.

The main types of companies in the survey


Created in 2008, the individual microentrepreneur (MEI) model allows the formalization of small businesses with simplification of procedures and taxation. The opening process is centralized and organized by the federal government. Microentrepreneurs can earn a maximum of R$81,000 per year.


Limited companies are companies made up of one or more people, natural or legal. The capital is divided into shares and management can be carried out by a partner or non-member, duly appointed.

Source: GZH.

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