Death of anaconda in MS, solved by scientific police


Last week, a gigantic anaconda was found dead in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul. Ana Júlia, as she was called, was mysteriously found on the banks of the Formoso River. According to the region’s Scientific Police, the death occurred due to natural causes.

Scientific Police reach conclusion in the case of the death of the anaconda in MS – Photo: Cristian Dimitrius/Reproduction/ND

According to the Scientific Police, the snake was considered a symbol of the region. “During preliminary investigations, no puncture wounds or signs were found that the snake had been shot at,” he said in a post on Instagram. Criminal experts examined the snake in the city of Bonito and concluded that death occurred due to natural causes.

“We carried out X-ray examinations, we did not find any fracture in the head region, which was initially suspected of having been injured and we ruled out the hypothesis of violent death. Since the animal did not die a violent death, there remains a death as a consequence of a pathology or some issue specific to the animal where it lives, not human interference, in the death of that animal”, said criminal expert Maristela Melo de Oliveira to the documentary filmmaker Christian Dimitrius.

According to the local expert who investigated the case, the snake Ana Júlia died of natural causes – Photo: Cristian Dimitrius/Reproduction/ND

Reports of loss were published after the anaconda’s death

Cristian Dimitrius declared his sadness at losing the anaconda, considered the largest in the world. “Natural death would be the best case scenario, I’m glad that was it. But very sad that I will no longer find it on the banks of the Formoso River. Ana Júlia was special, she taught me a lot in the years I was with her and I know that many other people who had the privilege of seeing her in life also learned and were enchanted by her,” he said.

After the expert analysis carried out by the Scientific Police, the snake’s body will be transported to Campo Grande, where it will undergo an embalming procedure. The process aims to keep the animal’s appearance and characteristics intact.

Colonel José Carlos Rodrigues, commander of the Environmental Military Police, mentioned that, once embalmed, the snake will be added to the collection of taxidermied animals and will participate in exhibitions organized by the corporation.

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