2.9 million tourists visited SC during the summer season


Santa Catarina received 2.9 million tourists between December 2023 and March 2024. According to the government of Santa Catarina, the number exceeded estimates, which predicted around 2.8 million visitors. The data is in the balance sheet of Operation Estação Verão, presented this Monday (01) and also provided information on areas such as health, public safety and the economy during the season.

Airports, highways and cruises

The movement at the state’s airports was intense. Between December 1, 2023 and February 29 of this year, the Florianópolis terminal received more than 1.2 million passengers on more than 8,600 domestic and international flights. A projection for Joinville and Navegantes airports shows a flow of 464 thousand passengers in the same period.

During carnival alone, in Florianópolis, between February 9 and 14, more than 38 thousand people disembarked.

On highways, the stretch between Passos de Torres and Paulo Lopes recorded the passage of 5 million vehicles in January alone. During the Carnival period, between February 9th and 14th, the flow was 1 million vehicles.

The government highlights the city of Bombinhas. Between November 15, 2023 and February 15 of this year, 525 thousand vehicles entered the city, including national and foreign visitors.

12 ships docked at the ports of Balneário Camboriú, Itajaí and Porto Belo: 370 thousand people were on board, an increase of almost 62% compared to the previous season.


Balneário Camboriú received more than 1 million people on New Year’s Eve. Florianópolis also offered two stages with shows for 400 thousand spectators.

In addition to them, Bombinhas brought together 500 thousand visitors and São Francisco do Sul brought together 250 thousand, including residents and tourists.

Laguna (150 thousand people) and Blumenau (62 thousand people) also held major events celebrating the arrival of 2024.

In February, the highlight was Carnival. The estimate is that 1.5 million revelers enjoyed the Florianópolis festivities between the beginning of the month and Ash Wednesday.

In Laguna, the return of street Carnival attracted 250,000 revelers and generated 100% occupancy in hotels.

All of this resulted in more than R$243 million in tax collection on the circulation of goods and services (ICMS) linked to tourism between December 2023 and February 2024.

According to the Santa Catarina Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism (Fecomércio SC), tourists spent more this season, jumping from R$4,937 in 2023 to R$6,305 in 2024.

Public security

During the Summer Season, a total of 2,219 lifeguards were mobilized, with a daily average of 1,137 professionals employed.

11 million preventive actions and a total of 4.11 rescues were carried out.

Compared to the previous operation, in which 5,237 rescues were recorded, there was a 21% drop in the total number of calls, indicating the effectiveness of the prevention carried out by the Santa Catarina Military Fire Department.

The Santa Catarina Military Police also recorded more than 134,000 incidents attended involving residents and tourists throughout the state, with more than 3,000 approaches carried out and more than 4,000 arrested.

In relation to 2023, the Civil Police recorded a 13.5% increase in arrest warrants, totaling 220, and a 9.5% increase in search and seizure warrants. More than 66 thousand police reports were also recorded and more than 2 thousand police investigations were opened.

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