New PAC will deliver 34 ambulances to Samu in 20 cities in MS – Cities

New PAC will deliver 34 ambulances to Samu in 20 cities in MS – Cities
New PAC will deliver 34 ambulances to Samu in 20 cities in MS – Cities

In addition to vehicles, a Regulation Center will be built in Cassilândia

Samu vehicles (Mobile Emergency Care Service) (Photo: Archive/Campo Grande News)

New PAC (Growth Acceleration Program) will deliver 34 new ambulances to Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service) in 20 municipalities in Mato Grosso do Sul. The delivery of the vehicles was announced by the Ministry of Health on Monday afternoon ( 1°).

The cities that will receive the new ambulances have not been announced, but the announcement says that Campo Grande is included. The state will receive a donation of 26 basic support units and two advanced support units. In total, R$8,716 will be invested for the vehicles to be delivered.

In Cassilândia, a regulation center will be built, which coordinates and regulates vehicles in the region where they are installed, with eight ambulances. Of these, six will be basic support and two will be advanced. As disclosed, the average construction value of the plant is R$3 million.

Lag – An audit carried out by technicians from the Ministry of Health showed an x-ray that is reflected in the streets of Campo Grande, when helping patients who need the services of Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service).

Three of the service’s vehicles had been stranded for months, one for 355 days, another for 263 and the third for 176 days, and ten needed different types of repairs. The effectiveness of this service was put up for debate this afternoon, in the City Council, during a public hearing on March 11th.

This condition impairs the so-called response time, which is necessary for assistance. In the Capital, service arrives in up to 28 minutes, with the challenge of reducing it to 12.

National – In total, the program will deliver 537 new ambulances to 14 states and build 14 new call centers in 14 cities. The intention is to increase national coverage of mobile emergency care from 87% to 93% of the population. The Ministry of Health’s investment is R$231.8 million.

Selection – The priority criteria taken into consideration for the states and municipalities to be selected were the lowest percentage of SAMU coverage in the Health Macroregion and high response time in the region covered by the Regulation Center.

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