Around a thousand residents in the south of RS have been without electricity for 12 days


Around 1,100 CEEE Equatorial customers have been without electricity for 12 days in the interior of the state. As reported by Jornal do Almoço, from RBS, the company’s forecast is that power will return next Friday (5).

:: Storm wreaks havoc in Rio Grande do Sul on Thursday night (21) ::

The situation began with the storm that hit the state on March 21, and has been dragging on until this Monday (1). The majority of those who remain without electricity live within municipalities and a large number of them carry out activities in which electricity is essential.

In Cerrito, most milk producers lost two days of production, shortly after installing power generators to run their coolers, but they have been using around 20 liters of diesel oil per day, at a cost of R$6.00 per liter . A producer who did not identify herself, explained that more than 200 liters of diesel had already been used, which totaled a loss, until this Monday (1), of R$ 1,200.

Another problem reported by residents of the region is the lack of drinking water, most have wells that use electricity to extract water. Cristiano Rosler, 43 years old, History teacher, reported that the lack of electricity meant he could not use a pump to remove water from an artesian well responsible for supplying the property’s water tank.

“How can you imagine an Easter with chocolate, but without electricity and water? How to have a barbecue, wash dishes, take a shower? I’m charging my cell phone from the car’s cigarette lighter. I’m using gas lamps to have light at night and getting water from the reservoir to take a shower. My Easter was unforgettable in a negative sense,” he told ZH.

Note from the Equatorial CEEE

In a note sent to the press on Sunday (31), CEEE Equatorial reported that there are still 1,100 customers without electricity in the state due to feeder disconnections. The supply was regularized to 58.9 thousand, since the wind that hit the Metropolitan, Carboniferous and Center-South regions on Friday (29).

According to the company, the most affected municipalities are Viamão, Guaíba, in the Metropolitan Region, and Camaquã, in the South. “CEEE Equatorial teams remain on the streets, working quickly to normalize the situation as quickly as possible”, says the note sent the press. The company just hasn’t explained why it hasn’t resolved the problems that started with the windstorm 12 days ago.

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