Producer from the municipality of Pinhal Grande is the first to receive R$100,000 to implement an irrigation project

Producer from the municipality of Pinhal Grande is the first to receive R$100,000 to implement an irrigation project
Producer from the municipality of Pinhal Grande is the first to receive R$100,000 to implement an irrigation project

The first Framework Statement for stage two of subsidy for irrigation projects was issued by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Sustainable Production and Irrigation (Seapi). Rural producer Beatriz Facco, 29 years old, resident of the town of Rincão da Invernadinha, in the municipality of Pinhal Grande, in the Planalto Médio region, presented a sprinkler irrigation project (central pivot) and will benefit from the State government with R $100 thousand.

The property, managed by the third generation of the family, currently does not have any type of irrigation system and presented a project that provides for the irrigation of an area of ​​21 hectares, combined with a consolidated reservoir project with a flooded area of ​​2.15 hectares.

“This will be the first project we are setting up and I believe that by having irrigation on the property we will achieve better stability in our production. Supera Estiagem is giving us support, because in recent years we have suffered severely from drought and this program will add value to the products we develop on the farm”, highlights Beatriz, who works on the farm alongside her father Belmiro José Facco.

Today, the main crops sown on around 300 hectares are soybeans, corn, wheat and oats, in addition to raising beef cattle. According to the producer, with the installation of the pivot, the property will also start growing beans.

Beatriz Facco, 29 years old, is part of the third generation of the family that operates on the property – Photo: Julia Chagas/Seapi

“In this harvest, we estimate a harvest of 60 to 65 bags of soybeans per hectare. But, with irrigation, the tendency is certainly to increase, reaching between 70 and 80 bags, as we will be able to supply the plant with water when it needs it. Then it will not suffer from water stress and, therefore, will have better productivity”, adds Beatriz.

Two other rural producers from Bagé, in the South region, also received the Framework Declaration for their irrigation projects. Both will receive the benefit of R$100,000 from the State government, after installing the system included in the technical project, which adds up to another 85 hectares irrigated in the future. In addition to these, eight other projects are being analyzed by Seapi’s technical area.

About the irrigation program

The State program will pay for 20% of the irrigation project, limited to R$100,000 per beneficiary. This is yet another action within Supera Estiagem, which seeks to mitigate the effects of the drought in Rio Grande do Sul, increase water reserves and irrigation and, consequently, increase crop productivity.

The action is aimed at all small, medium or large rural producers (individuals), and will enable projects to implement or expand irrigation systems (sprinkler, localized or furrow) and construction, adaptation or expansion of water reservoirs for irrigation purposes.

The owner of Seapi, Giovani Feltes, highlights the ease of understanding the program’s rules by producers, which helps it to be a successful public policy and increase the State’s irrigated area, which is the main objective of the action.

“Irrigation is an issue that needs to be permanent and not only thought of during dry seasons. Because increasing the irrigated area in Rio Grande do Sul’s crops is strategic to reduce the import of grains by Rio Grande do Sul. Therefore, the government’s goal is to reach, within four years, another 100 thousand hectares of irrigated area in the State”, details Feltes .

The State will pay the subsidy to the rural producer in a single installment, after the execution of the project (which can be financed by banking institutions, cooperatives or with its own resources) and the presentation of completion reports, in addition to the other supporting documents required in the notice.

Projects can be sent and the notice, with the necessary documentation, can be consulted on the Seapi website.

Text: Cassiane Osório/Ascom Seapi
Editing: Rodrigo Toledo França/Secom

The article is in Portuguese

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