Startup launches ‘friendly’ robot for customer service and industry in Amazonas

Startup launches ‘friendly’ robot for customer service and industry in Amazonas
Startup launches ‘friendly’ robot for customer service and industry in Amazonas

Manaus (AM) — The startup Human Robotics, specialized in developing robotics solutions, created the first self-service robot for the retail, healthcare and services sectors with interaction, as well as another for cargo transportation in the industry, both with a humanized approach. Expanding operations, the company invests in selling products in Amazonas.

The company launches commercial teams in Amazonas (Manaus), in addition to seven other states: Paraíba (João Pessoa), Federal District (Santa Maria), Rio de Janeiro (São João do Meriti), São Paulo (Guarulhos, Barueri, Jundiaí, Campinas , São José dos Campos), Santa Catarina (Blumenau, Joinville, Florianópolis) and Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre). In Paraná, where Human’s headquarters are located, there will be expansion to the municipalities of Pato Branco and São José dos Pinhais.

“We recognize the important role of robotics in improving quality of life and industrial logistics. Our objective is to boost sectors and municipalities, contributing to development through our innovations. In this way, we seek not only to offer solutions, but to be agents of progress, contributing to the technological transformation of the community”,

explains Olivier Smadja, CEO of Human Robotics, which has seen significant growth in recent years.

Last year, it reached revenues of R$1.2 million, and in 2024 it aims to reach R$4.8 million with its robots.


The expansion involves the commercialization of Robios GO, created to interact autonomously with customers during customer service. The robot can speak and understand more than 100 languages, conversing through audio, text, images and videos. It has built-in artificial intelligence (AI), which allows for advanced greetings and responses.

In supermarkets, robots perform various functions, from welcoming customers to providing detailed information about products and, in some cases, physically guiding them to the desired items. Furthermore, they are able to detect people, check the use of masks and detect empty shelves and price differences.

In the health sector, they allow optimizing service time, carrying out screenings, assisting doctors in discharging patients and providing humanized visits remotely. At fairs and events, Robios GO plays the role of hosts, welcoming visitors, guiding them to the desired stand and acting as salespeople, offering detailed information about the products.

“The robot provides important data about the public’s services and interests, providing strategic insights for better positioning in the market and strategic decision-making by companies”,

points out Olivier Smadja, CEO of Human Robotics.

Another robot that will be sold is the Robios Cargo, an autonomous light load transport robot designed especially for industrial environments. With a load capacity of up to 40 kilos, the integrated structure has a configurable transport layout, which adapts to the different forms of loads that need to be transported. It offers efficiency and safety in autonomous movement, as they are equipped with advanced technology, such as “Light Detection and Ranging” (Lidar), which uses laser pulses to map the environment.

“Through depth cameras and computer vision, Robios Cargo and Robios GO can detect objects, map the environment and navigate autonomously with high precision and can be called and sent to any point, whether by manual control or system integration. , enabling real-time monitoring of your route. Their versatility is highlighted by the automatic recharging station and also by being customizable, adapting to different applications and segments”,

argues Olivier.


The use of robots in industry and service sectors is expected to drive a market that will reach US$43.32 billion by 2027, according to estimates from Statista, a German market research and data platform company. In 2023 alone, investments in robotic solutions are expected to reach US$34 billion. The United States, China, Germany and South Korea are the countries that will make the largest investments in the sector.

In this way, Human Robotics’ strategic expansion not only strengthens its presence in this scenario, but also highlights its role as a catalyst for innovation and a driver of progress in several cities across the country.

“The relationship between humans and robots will redefine how we live and work. We see this evolution of this interaction as a watershed. By harmoniously integrating humanity and robotic technology, we are forging a path towards a future where innovation and efficiency promote a significant improvement in the quality of life and the optimization of processes in various sectors”, concludes Olivier Smadja.

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