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In Time News | The Alagoas Tourism and Business news portal
In Time News | The Alagoas Tourism and Business news portal

The publication of bidding notices and public contracts in official press remains mandatory. This is one of the premises of Law No. 14,133/2021, known as the New Bidding and Contracting Law, which has been in force since 2021, but had a transition period extended until December 29, 2023 for the definitive application of the legislation. As a result, since January 2024, public procurement processes in the country began to be submitted based on the regulations of the new law.

The mandatory disclosure in the Official Gazette follows the principle of Publicity, which constitutionally governs the direct or indirect Public Administration of any of the Powers of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Municipalities. Publication of the bidding or public contract extract must be made in the official press organ of the higher federative entity.

According to article 54, “publicity of the bidding notice will be carried out by publishing and maintaining the entire content of the notice and its annexes” on the National Public Procurement Portal (PNCP). The same article also states the obligation to publish “an extract of the notice in the Official Gazette of the Union, the State, the Federal District or, in the case of a public consortium, the highest-ranking entity among them, as well as in a daily newspaper with large circulation” .

In Alagoas, the Official State Gazette (Doeal) has been published by Imprensa Oficial Graciliano Ramos since 1912, being the first and oldest transparency tool of the state public power. With a history of 112 years, Doeal achieved the ISO 9001:2015 seal, certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, becoming the second in the Northeast Region with quality certification.


Law No. 14,133, of April 1, 2021, establishes general bidding and contracting rules for direct, autonomous and foundational Public Administrations of the Union, States, Federal District and Municipalities.

It also covers the bodies of the Legislative and Judiciary Powers of the Union, the States and the Federal District, in addition to the Municipal Chambers, special funds and other entities controlled directly or indirectly by the Public Administration.

With the New Bidding Law, the old Bidding and Contracts Law (Law nº 8,666, of 1993), the Auction Law (Law nº 10,520, of 2002) and the Law of the Differentiated Regime of Public Contracts – RDC (Law No. 12,462, of 2011).

One of the new features of the new legislation is the National Public Procurement Portal, mentioned above, which consists of an official website created for the centralized and mandatory disclosure of the acts required by the Law.

To learn about the New Bidding and Contracts Law, click here.

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