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The next holidays in Manaus, Amazonas, and national holidays have some dates to plan. The next national day off, which will be next to the weekend, according to the federal government’s calendar, will only be in November.

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The Proclamation of the Republic holiday, on November 15th, will fall on a Friday. Before then, all national holidays will be on Saturdays, Sundays or midweek.

In total, seven holidays will fall on weekends (Tiradentes, Brazilian Independence, Nossa Senhora Aparecida and All Souls’ Day) or on Wednesdays (Labor Day, Black Consciousness and Christmas).

An extra day off for workers can happen on May 30th, a Thursday, which will be Corpus Christi Day. The date is not a national holiday, but an optional point.

It is also worth remembering that, this year, Black Awareness Day (November 20) became a national holiday. The decision was approved in Congress and sanctioned by President Lula.

Check below the dates of the next holidays in Manaus, Amazonas, and national holidays:

April 21st (Tiradentes) – Sunday;

May 1st (Labor Day) – Wednesday;

May 30th (Corpus Christi – optional point) – Thursday;

September 7th (Independence of Brazil) – Saturday;

October 12th (Our Lady of Aparecida) – Saturday;

November 2nd (All Souls’ Day) – Saturday;

November 15 (Proclamation of the Republic) – Friday;

November 20th (Black Awareness Day) – Wednesday;

December 25th (Christmas) – Wednesday;

October 24th (Manaus Anniversary) – Thursday;

September 5th (Elevation of Amazonas to the category of Province) – Thursday;

December 8th (Day of Our Lady of Conception) – Sunday.

These are the dates to keep an eye on and plan possible trips or moments of rest.

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