Fernanda explains fight meme with Alane on ‘BBB 24’: ‘Rooted’ | Television

Fernanda explains fight meme with Alane on ‘BBB 24’: ‘Rooted’ | Television
Fernanda explains fight meme with Alane on ‘BBB 24’: ‘Rooted’ | Television

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Published 04/01/2024 11:42 | Updated 04/01/2024 11:44

Rio – Fernanda, who was the 15th eliminated from “BBB 24”, participated in a breakfast with Ana Maria Braga on “Mais Você” this Monday (1st). During the conversation with the presenter, she reflected on notable moments in the reality show and the reasons that led her to sign up for the program.

Ana Maria questioned Fernanda about her motivation for participating in BBB. The former participant explained: “I was looking for my goals, looking for a new beginning. I wasn’t happy in the situation I was in and I needed an impact. I didn’t go to discover myself, I went to achieve…”.

The presenter interrupted, asking if the objective was to win the R$3 million. Fernanda clarified: “Yes, that was the objective. I was looking to restart my life.”

One of the most remembered moments of Fernanda’s career on the program was the argument she had with Alane at the gym, giving rise to the catchphrase “Cry, little doll”. Ana Maria wanted to know how this phrase came about.

“I’ve always used debauchery as a strategy. Nothing happens without being planned, without being thought about. I put Alane in the game as a character, like a little doll who made drama, played the victim, even though I knew it wasn’t like that. This phrase doesn’t is something I usually say, it just came out. I realized she was about to cry and said: ‘Cry’. And from then on, the situation got out of control”, recalled Fernanda about the episode.

The confectioner also shared what her strategy was to win “BBB 24” – winning the reality competitions. She also revealed the tactic she used to try to achieve this goal.

During the conversation, Ana Maria mentioned that at a certain point in the game, it seemed that Fernanda had given up on winning the program. The former participant clarified that that was not exactly what happened.

“I had a different approach to the game. But those inside can understand how each person operates to achieve their goal. There are people who adopt more of an acting stance… (…) My main concern was understanding how win the tests. I knew I needed to have men by my side, a masculine force”, he argued.

She also mentioned Pitel as an exception to her strategy: “Pitel was a surprise in my career”, she concluded.

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