Santa Catarina PM body cameras are outdated, says deputy commander


For him, devices have to be replaced


One of the biggest advances in combating crime and protecting citizens, body cameras on military police uniforms, is in the spotlight in Santa Catarina and it is not because of the discussion about their extinction by the São Paulo government. Here in Santa Catarina the problem is bigger.

In an interview with CBN Floripa, Colonel Alessandro José Machado, deputy general commander of the corporation, said that “we don’t have a general maintenance contract that involves all cameras, the tendency is to abandon an outdated project and that a lot is spent to maintain it. working. It requires database, storage, loading and current technology becomes obsolete. Many no longer charge, do not turn on automatically and fail when used. We are studying a new, more modern model,” said the police officer.

The colonel then suggests that not all incidents are being recorded. What a shame, since the corporation itself loses as a result. Even more enigmatic is imagining what could be more modern than recording images on a compact device.

The image is irrefutable when a police officer is accused of violence or any inappropriate attitude, it is proof of correct conduct that protects him against accusations invented by criminals to undermine the credibility of the PM. On the other hand, it is proof that the citizen has that something not consistent with the protocols may have occurred.

Currently, the Santa Catarina Military Police has 2,245 body cameras. This means that, on every operational shift, at least one of the two police officers in each garrison is equipped with the camera.


A figure who had been missing from the local political scene reappeared last week in Florianópolis, where the father of the mayor of Canoinhas, Juliana Maciel Hoppe (PL), Laudecir Maciel, joined the PL of Três Barras. This is Gilson Nagano. Despite the former councilor being ineligible, it is believed that he could run for mayor of Três Barras with an appeal, bypassing Laudecir Gonçalves, known as Barriga, who in fact never said he would be the PL candidate.


The deadline for those who want to apply for the October municipal elections to join or change parties ends on Saturday, the 6th.


The federal deputy from Santa Catarina, Darci de Matos (PSD), was involved in an accident with two cars and a truck, on the BR-277, between Cascavel (PR) and Foz do Iguaçu (PR), on the night of Thursday, 28 .

According to Darci, he had left the airport, traffic was slow and a truck crashed behind the Jeep Cherokee in which he and his nephew were traveling. The impact caused the vehicle to crash into a Kombi. Despite the scare, the politician says he was not injured.


The national president of Sebrae, Décio Lima, participated in the exclusive lunch offered by the Brazilian government to the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday, 28th, at the Itamaraty Palace. Décio was the only person from Santa Catarina present at the meeting, which was hosted by President Lula (PT) and Janja.


Last week, the Legislative Assembly approved a bill authored by the government that regulates the functioning of the State Traffic Council (Cetran-SC) and the Administrative Infraction Appeals Boards (Jaris). These bodies are responsible for judging appeals related to traffic violations in Santa Catarina.


A bill being analyzed in the Legislative Assembly prohibits the inappropriate disposal of garbage on highways, streets, squares, parks and other public places in Santa Catarina. The proposal, authored by deputy Marcius Machado (PL), also provides for a fine of R$500 as a penalty for anyone who fails to comply with the rule. The initiative was approved last week by the Tourism and Environment Commission.

During the meeting, the Tourism and Environment Commission also approved a project that aims to create a certification in Santa Catarina for products made up of raw materials recycled from solid waste. The purpose of the so-called Recycling Seal, proposed by Congresswoman Paulinha (Podemos), is to encourage sustainable consumption.

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