Janja would have pressured the rapporteur of the Robinho case to have the player arrested, says columnist


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First lady Janja da Silva would have pressured minister Francisco Falcão, rapporteur of the Robinho case at the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), for the former player to be arrested in Brazil, according to columnist Lauro Jardim, from the newspaper The globe.

According to information obtained by the journalist, on the eve of Robinho’s trial in Court, Janja contacted Falcão.

Although this information was not publicly disclosed by either of them, the minister’s vote is in line with the first lady’s wishes, as the rapporteur ended up defending the thesis that Robinho serve his sentence in Brazil.

On Wednesday, the 20th, the STJ magistrates approved the sentence of the Italian Court, which sentenced the former player to nine years in prison for the crime of gang rape.

Luxury house worth R$30 million and disappearance from footvolley: Robinho’s life since the rape case in 2013

Robinho Prison

The player’s arrest was made by PF teams on the 21st, in Santos (SP). At the time, the Federal Police complied with the court order and detained Robinho in the condominium where the player lives on the coast of São Paulo.

After the sentence, it was decided that Robinho will remain in prison due to the crime being considered serious and carrying a sentence of more than eight years. Issues related to the progression of the punishment regime must follow the rules of the Brazilian Heinous Crimes Law and the Criminal Execution Law.

Janja and Judiciary

In the column, Lauro also stated that this was not the first time Janja’s interests in the Judiciary go beyond Robinho’s case. She would also have worked in higher courts to appoint judges in the Federal Court, especially one of the two vacancies open in the TRF of São Paulo, destined for lawyers.

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