PEC on Drugs should be voted on in the 1st round this week in the Senate

PEC on Drugs should be voted on in the 1st round this week in the Senate
PEC on Drugs should be voted on in the 1st round this week in the Senate

The Senate is expected to begin voting on the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) that criminalizes any amount of possession and possession of drugs this week. “I believe that, after Holy Week, we will be able to evaluate, in the first round, the proposal”, stated the president of the House, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), last week.

There are still two discussion sessions left for the PEC to be voted on in the first round. In total there are five debate sessions. If approved, there will be another three sessions until voting in the second round. To be approved, the text requires the support of at least two thirds of senators, 49 votes, in both votes.

The conclusion of the vote on the drugs PEC should be scheduled for next week, as stated by senator Efraim Filho (União-PB).

“We are going to have a very intense week of schedules, there may be a readjustment of the calendar. What was defined at the leaders’ meeting is that the PEC is fulfilling its steps, the debate sessions are underway, we are having a good debate in the Plenary”, said Efraim.

The Constitutional amendment inserts in article 5 that the “law will consider possession and possession, regardless of the quantity, of narcotics and similar drugs without authorization as a crime”. In practice, there is no change to current legislation.

The PEC authored by Pacheco is a response to the judgment in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) which already has five votes to three to decriminalize the possession of marijuana for personal use, with the delimitation of parameters to differentiate user from drug dealer. Minister Dias Toffoli asked for a review, more time for analysis, at the beginning of March.

Pacheco has already commented that the STF would be invading Congress’s competence. “If there is a declaration of unconstitutionality, it will mean the decriminalization of drug possession. That to me is very clear.”

“It means that someone who is carrying drugs for their own use will not have any consequences, not even the drug can be seized, much less the perpetrator will be charged,” he declared.

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