City Hall opens registrations for affiliated daycare centers on Wednesday (3)

Structure designed especially to welcome children, it will operate from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm Photo: Disclosure/TJRR

The Municipal Department of Education and Culture (SMEC) will begin the period for requesting enrollments from Wednesday, 3rd. children who are on the waiting list for daycare places of the Municipal Education Network. Mothers, fathers and guardians will have until April 5th to make the request at 16 partner units in the capital that serve daycare-age students (2 and 3 years old).

The new order must be placed through the application Online Registration (Android and IOS), from the official website of Boa Vista City Hall through the Tele Enrollment Center (0800-280-356).

After completing the request, the parent or guardian must wait for contact from the Municipal Department of Education to enroll in the educational unit. It is important that those responsible monitor the progress of the vacancy request on the application or website.

Available vacancies – Spaces are available to serve children who are still on the waiting list. With partner schools, it will be possible to increase the number of places offered.

Check the list of affiliated daycare centers/schools and shifts: morning, afternoon and daytime (full-time) with available places:

– Pitágoras Educational Center (Dawn)

– Querubins Educational Institute (White wing)

– Little Piece of Heaven School (Caimbé)

– SHG Educational Center (Cambará)

– Sheikinah Christian School (Cambará)

– Peniel Christian School – (Satellite city)

– Aunt Marry Educational Center (Jockey Club)

Affirmative Evangelical College (Santa Luzia)

Pinheirense School (Santa Teresa)

Jardim do Eden Educational Center – CEJE (Saint Vincent)

– Flor do Saber Educational Center (Silvio Leite)

Matias Educational Center (Silvio Leite)

Pimpolhos Preciosos Educational Center (Tancredo Neves)

Enchanted Garden Institution (Tancredo Neves)

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