Brazil has 111 thousand vacancies in competitions with salaries of up to R$37 thousand


The country has more than 111 thousand vacancies for all levels of education, this Monday (1/4), in at least 258 competitions with open notices.

The highest salary, R$37,431.00, is for the Municipal Council of Maceió (AL), with 54 opportunities for analyst, prosecutor and support in the administrative and legal areas. Registration is open until April 17th, on the website of the Brazilian Center for Research in Assessment and Selection and Event Promotion (Cebraspe).

Registration for the competition for the Public Defender’s Office of the State of Paraná (DPE-PR) – which has opened a vacancy for the position of defender, with a salary of R$ 24,662.77 – ends on the 9th. Those interested in participating can do the registration on the website of the Fundação Universidade Empresa de Tecnologia e Ciências (Fundatec).


The Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil announced 120 immediate vacancies and 360 for reserve registration, under the organization of the QUADRIX Institute. The registration period will be from April 17th to May 20th, 2024, registration fees are R$60 for secondary level and R$80 for higher level.

The opportunities are aimed at middle and higher levels in the administrative area, with salaries ranging from R$4,942.94 to R$10,800. The test will take place in June.

Check out 10 tips for preparing for competitive exams

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Passing a public exam is the dream of many Brazilians, but facing the marathon of tests and studying requires a lot of dedication



Check out some tips that can help with the preparation process


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***mental health

1. Take care of your mental health and self-esteem: do not have an opponent in yourself. Keeping positive thinking, believing in your potential and dreams helps you stay focused. It is necessary to learn to deal with fears, limits and adversities that may arise in the study routine

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2. Study in advance: waiting for the competition notice to be published to start studying is one of the biggest mistakes made by candidates. Searching for editions of past exams and answering questions helps to consolidate the content


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3. Understand how the exam board works: take the time to learn about and solve previous tests. Many questions are repeated, and the participant may be lucky enough to answer an already known statement.


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4. Stay informed: following the issues covered by the media – newspapers, television and social networks – and being up to date with relevant facts that affect society means being one step ahead of the competition


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5. Pay attention to law: many competitions, especially in the military area, require knowledge in different areas of law. The subjects with the largest number of questions are constitutional law, criminal law and administrative law


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6. Practice writing: in general, writing tests have eliminatory weight. If candidates get the same number of multiple-choice questions correct, the writing test is the tiebreaker. Therefore, practice writing, text interpretation, punctuation. and knowing how to organize ideas and information in a cohesive and coherent way is a big differentiator


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7. Read a lot: time dedicated to reading is essential for those seeking approval. The test needs to be interpreted to be answered


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8. Develop personal skills: determination, persistence, organization and productivity are part of the entire process


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9. Adapt study to life: there are still a large number of candidates who believe that studying for exams should be the top priority in their routine, otherwise they will have no chance of passing. It is necessary to invest in time management and organization, so that there is adequate adaptation


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10. Know your own prerequisites: the premises that need to be evaluated are remuneration, place of work (city of employment, profile of the entity or body), routine of activities, functions performed, possibilities for growth and valorization and benefits policy


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Check out more opportunities:

Praia Grande City Hall (SP)
Registrations: until April 11th
Vacancies: 45
Positions: doorman, telephone operator and dentist
Wage: up to R$19,800

Florianópolis City Hall (SC)
Registrations: until April 22nd
Vacancies: 53
Positions: doctor, technician and nurse
Wage: up to R$18,128

Getúlio Vargas Hospital Foundation (FHGV)
Registrations: until April 22nd
Vacancies: 405
Positions: doctor, driver and electrician
Salary: up to R$ 16,335.01

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