AM cities appear in the worst inequality positions

AM cities appear in the worst inequality positions
AM cities appear in the worst inequality positions

The capital of Amazonas appears among the last, in 23rd position, of the worst social indicators in Brazil, according to the Inequality Map, released by the Sustainable Cities Institute (ICS).

According to data from 2019, Belém and Manaus are the only two capitals in the country in which more than half of the households are in favelas: 55.49% in the capital of Pará and 53.38% in the capital of Amazonas.

Still in Amazonas, in addition to the capital, two other cities appear in the ranking of the worst scores, they are: Ipixuna with 30.04 and Lábrea with 31.89.

The North and Northeast regions contain 8 of the 10 capitals with the highest proportion of favelas. After Belém and Manaus come Salvador (BA), with 41.83%, Vitória (ES), with 33.15%, and São Luís (MA), with 32.42%.

All other capitals have less than a quarter of their homes in this condition. Favelization is below 20% in the capitals of the South and does not exceed 10% in all of the Central-West, which has the best rates on the map: Campo Grande (MS), with 1.45%, and Goiânia (GO), with 2.47%.

Life expectancy

The survey also highlights life expectancy in Brazilian capitals, which varies by 15 years, from 57 to 72 years. The average age at death for residents of Belo Horizonte or Porto Alegre, for example, is around 72 years old. But for those who live in Boa Vista, the average age is around 57 years old.

The Map of Inequality between the capitals is based on the Map of Inequality of São Paulo, which has been published for more than 10 years by Rede Nossa São Paulo and the Instituto Cidades Sustentáveis.

The data sources are official public bodies such as the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the Department of Informatics of the Unified Health System (DataSUS), the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) and the National System Sanitation Information System (SNIS).

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