Cooabriel opens new storage unit in Bahia


After investing more than R$9.3 million, the Cooabriel opened a new storage unit in Camacã, Bahia. The structure has the capacity to store up to 120,000 bags of coffee and represents the first stage of the project which, at the end, could receive up to 240 thousand bags.

A growing expansion in coffee production numbers in the region is one of the factors that justifies the initiative. With more than 4 thousand m² of built area, the work was the largest investment made in 2023, seeking to contribute to the solution of logistical challenges faced by coffee growers in the region, as analyzed by the general superintendent of Cooabriel, Carlos Augusto Pandolfi.

“It is an extremely necessary investment due to the volume of coffee that has been produced in the region and for logistical reasons for this production, in addition to being a response to the cooperative members, who have shown interest and opted for the services that the cooperative has to offer”.

The Camacã unit is the farthest from the cooperative, being around 600km from the headquarters, in São Gabriel da Palha.

The president of the institution, Luiz Carlos Bastianello, says that the inauguration is a source of pride. “We are inaugurating a modern and functional structure, which will provide more agility in harvest reception and storage security. We invite cooperative members to make excellent use of this unit.”

Bastianello also highlights that the investment is aligned with the principles of cooperativism, as it seeks to support rural activity in the region. “A cooperative without good service provision is not an efficient cooperative. This is what we propose: to contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of life of society in this region.

Rural producer in Arataca, on the outskirts of Camacã, the cooperative member Juarez de Souza Muniz Júnior recalls that before the cooperative operated in the region, it was necessary to turn to neighboring cities to acquire important inputs or services for its property. “It’s a dream come true, seeing the cooperative’s appreciation. Before we had to go to Teixeira de Freitas or go to Espírito Santo. Today we have a structure set up here, with the sale of inputs and the reception of coffee”.

Currently, Cooabriel has 12 storage units which, together, have the potential for up to 1.8 million bags. In addition to the recently opened structure, three new expansions are in the execution phase, in Itabela/BA, Boa Esperança and Vila Pavão. The forecast is that, after the new works, the static storage capacity exceeds 2 million bags. Together, the three investments should revolve around R$13 million.


The Camacã unit was named Warehouse Wanderlino Medeiros Bastos” in recognition of the agronomist’s important contribution to coffee farming, by becoming the precursor of clonal conilon coffee seedlings.

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