Alexandre Correa praises Ana Hickmann, but fights with journalist

Alexandre Correa praises Ana Hickmann, but fights with journalist
Alexandre Correa praises Ana Hickmann, but fights with journalist

While participating in the program “Ronda do Povão”, on TV Meio Norte, in Teresina, Piauí, Alexandre Corre praised Ana Hickmann, but ended up raising the tone with the journalist. This was all because of a question about his separation and the assault allegations.

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Firstly, he said that the presenter was not successful alone: ​​“Ana Hickmann is the only person who is a brand in Brazil. The Ana Hickman brand has existed since 2002, Ana Hickmann did not create it alone. There were people who contributed a lot to Ana Hickmann’s journey.”

However, Alexandre Correa praises Ana Hickmann: “Ana has a gigantic digital platform, a gigantic YouTube channel. We are not going to discuss the current financial problem with Ana Hickmann’s success. Ana Hickmann, by the way, is an impeccable professional. Let this be clear.”

“The mistakes she has been making, the injustices, the untruths, the lies, that is another matter. The subject here is Ana Hickmann’s persona as a celebrity and brand. This is insurmountable. Ana Hickmann is sovereign in this sense. That’s why I fight so hard to have what is rightfully mine”, he eventually said.

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“Ana Hickmann’s personal life doesn’t interest me. In the presence of specific problems, you start to have discussions intensify. But they were always punctual. What surprised me was that Ana threw 25 years of relationship into the shredder”, added the businessman, then, about his ex-wife.

However, the atmosphere was not completely pleasant, because as we said above, he got angry and raised his tone with a journalist. The reporter asked him about “putting himself as a victim during the interviews”, as well as “what example he would like to leave for his son, Alezinho”.

“Your colleague is misinformed. I didn’t hit Ana Hickmann. I’m going to ignore this nonsense she said so we can be at peace. I am the victim of premeditation,” he said, primarily. “The interview is over. Difficult. The last question, from Erlan’s colleague, she made four accusations in the question and was in line with Léo Dias, of accusing without having the delicacy to look at the facts”.

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“She called me an aggressor, accused me of parental alienation, and I needed to raise my tone so the girl could take her place. But that’s life. I came, not to be treated with affection, but to be accused and questioned. To tell my truth”, said Alexandre Correa, finally.

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