Covid-19: Brazil records 115 deaths and 11,400 cases in 24 hours

The Ministry of Health reported that 11,471 new cases of covid-19 were recorded in the last 24 hours across the country. According to the ministry, 115 deaths from complications associated with the disease were also confirmed in the same period.

The data released today (2) were passed on to the ministry by state and municipal secretariats. The states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná, however, did not update the information.

With the new updates, the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus during the pandemic now adds up to 34,456,145.

The number of cases being monitored for covid-19 stands at 269,436. The term is given to designate cases reported in the last 14 days that were not discharged and did not result in death.

With today’s numbers, the total number of deaths has reached 684,262 since the beginning of the pandemic. There are still 3,170 deaths under investigation, that is, those cases in which the patient is suspected of having covid-19 but confirmation of the cause of death requires additional tests and procedures.

So far, 33,502,447 people have recovered from Covid-19. The number corresponds to just over 97% of those infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

Epidemiological Bulletin

Epidemiological Bulletin

Epidemiological Bulletin – 09/02/2021/Disclosure Ministry of Health


According to the balance of the Ministry of Health, at the top of the ranking of states with the most deaths from covid-19 recorded so far are São Paulo (174,238), Rio de Janeiro (75,479), Minas Gerais (63,600), Paraná (45,125) and Rio Grande do Sul (40,889).

The states with the fewest deaths resulting from the pandemic are Acre (2,027), Amapá (2,158), Roraima (2,172), Tocantins (4,199) and Sergipe (6,430).


Until this Friday (2), the vaccinometer of the Ministry of Health indicated that a total of 476.3 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 had been applied in the country, since the beginning of the immunization campaign.

The data is the same as the previous day and had not been updated until the publication of this article. Of these total vaccine applications, 179.1 million are first dose, 160.3 million are second dose and 4.9 million are single dose.

The booster dose has already been given to more than 106.4 million people and the second extra dose (also called the fourth dose) to just over 20.4 million. The panel also records 4.8 million doses as “additional”, that is, those applied to those who had received Janssen’s immunizer, a single dose.

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