Camila Moura answers whether she will speak to Lucas Buda after BBB 24

Camila Moura answers whether she will speak to Lucas Buda after BBB 24
Camila Moura answers whether she will speak to Lucas Buda after BBB 24
Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 02.04.2024

Camila Moura gave an interview to journalist Léo Dias and spoke a little about her relationship with her ex-husband

Camila Moura, ex-wife of Lucas Buda from BBB 24, revealed this Tuesday (02) whether she will speak to the capoeirista after his departure from the reality show. In an interview with Léo Dias, Moura commented on the latest events on the program.

“I felt like I was being humiliated. I decided to protect myself”, she said. “If there were any women who were interested, he would hold back and not expose me”, revealed Camila.

Teacher accused her husband of cheating after his brother’s approach and flirtations with Pitel on the reality show; she knows more. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Globo – 03/04/2024
Like Lucas Henrique, Camila Moura is also a teacher and is currently unemployed. She lives in Bonsucesso, a neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Before the controversy in her relationship, Camila had around 900 followers on Instagram. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 03/04/2024
At the age of 12, Lucas started attending an evangelical church, where he met Camila. The two began their relationship in 2008 and got married in 2015. They have not had serious relationships with other people. . Photo: Reproduction
In the presentation to enter “BBB 24”, Lucas Buda said that he fulfilled a dream with his wife in 2023, of buying the apartment where they both live in Rio. Before that, they lived in Maré, in a building above the house of the mother-in-law.. Photo: Reproduction
Among other dreams revealed by the brother is his desire to marry Camila again. “I regret that I had few resources to have my wedding as I would have liked. I still intend to remarry my wife, so we can celebrate like we think we deserve,” he said. . Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 04.03.2024
Also before confinement, the Physical Education teacher shared that he wants to be a father, but didn’t believe this would be the ideal time. The teacher explained that he was paying the mortgage for his own house, was studying his master’s degree and working two jobs, at a municipal school and taking private capoeira lessons. . Photo: Reproduction/Globo – 04.03.2024
Lucas Henrique began to debate the marriage after Pitel approached him on the Globo program. At the party last Saturday (2), he flirted with his sister and even dedicated the song ‘Baiana’, by Emicida, to her. Buda also said the social worker “messed” him up. . Photo: Reproduction/Globo
The brother’s approach was noticed by other participants, such as Fernanda, who pointed out Lucas’s “passion” for Pitel: ‘I’m a little jealous. He hugs her all the time, his eyes even shine when he looks at her. He keeps giving compliments, ‘Wow, you look beautiful’. She holds her hand and starts singing Emicida’s song. I just watch.’ . Photo: Reproduction/Globo – 04.03.2024
After the events at the house, Camila began to show signs that she had ended her relationship of more than 25 years with Lucas. The teacher published torn photos of the couple and a video of a suitcase, suggesting that she would place her then-husband’s belongings in the object. . Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 04.03.2024
Moura also declared his support for Davi, Buda’s rival, and thanked the support of “BBB” viewers on the social network. As of Monday morning (4), she already has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram – Lucas currently has 138 thousand followers. . Photo: Reproduction/Globo – 04.03.2024
‘For those who don’t know, yesterday I was an unemployed history teacher, 100% anonymous, but because I believe that only I can defend myself at this moment I decided to put my face in the sun! I want you to know that your support in this situation frees me from many constraints. […] Dick in Buddha’s ass’, he declared.. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 03/04/2024
Camila also accused her husband of cheating: “I’m not a person who tolerates this kind of thing. For me, cheating is not just kissing on the mouth, having sex, physical contact. And Lucas knows that, he came in knowing that. From the moment you have the intention, that you are flirting, that you are there for the ‘all or nothing’ to win over the person, for me, Camila, this is already a betrayal, it is already a breach of trust’ .. Photo: Reproduction
Moura reflected how “BBB” was a dream for both of them, who planned to pay off the debts on the apartment in which they lived. “And that went down the drain. That’s the truth. I’m not a clown […] I wasn’t supporting Lucas to become a laughing stock, to see the guy throw our 15-year relationship in the trash’, he pondered. . Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
“I don’t think it’s fair for me to stay here for two months eating the bread that the devil kneaded, receiving death threats, hate because of stupid, stupid moves… But okay, until then it was just a game. For the guy to come to the mine and say ‘Bahiana, you messed me up’. You messed up my egg, honey. That doesn’t exist”, he added. . Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 04.03.2024

The influencer told the journalist the moment she realized the end of her relationship with Buddha. “That’s when I left the house and heard someone calling me a cuckold,” she said.

When asked if she would talk to the BBB 24 participant again, Camila Moura was direct. “The future belongs to God,” she said. The advertisements carried out by the newest influencer also appeared in the interview.

Regarding the topic, she stated that she did not make much money. “I haven’t yet achieved the profitability that people imagine,” she said.

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The journalist also sought to know about Camila’s opinion regarding Pitel. When asked if she would talk to the woman from Alagoas, she confirmed that the problem is only with Lucas Buda. “I don’t see any problem. My issues don’t involve her”, he justified.

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