Eliana will leave SBT after 15 years at the station

Eliana will leave SBT after 15 years at the station
Eliana will leave SBT after 15 years at the station

The presenter Eliana announced the end of its contract with SBT after 15 years commanding the Eliana Program. The presenter will end her second stint at the broadcaster in June this year, according to a statement sent to the press this Monday, the 1st.

Presenter Eliana Photograph: SBT

According to the note, Eliana claims that the change occurs so that a new professional phase can begin. “After almost 15 years leading a consolidated and highly successful program, Eliana decided that it was time for a new phase with other professional challenges, without ever forgetting the countless days of joy, achievements and learning experienced at the station, so much so that she will continue to be Godmother of the Telethon and insists on returning to the station to present the fundraising program for AACD”, says the text.

The broadcaster wished the presenter success and highlighted that “the doors will always be open for her”. “Both parties rightfully express their mutual gratitude and wish the best for the future. SBT also reinforces its affection and support for the presenter in whatever paths she intends to follow”, says the note.

First opportunity was on SBT

Eliana’s career began in music, at the end of the 1980s, singing in the group Banana Split. In a presentation on the program What is the song, caught the attention of Silvio Santos, who decided to hire her. In 1991, Eliana debuted on SBT to lead children’s programs such as FEstolândia. However, his career milestone was commanding the morning show Good Morning & Co, when he released the song The Little Fingers. In her first stint at the broadcaster, she remained on the air for seven years, until she decided to sign a contract with TV Record.

At Record, after a period dedicated once again to children, she became presenter of the Everything is possible, auditorium program aimed at an adult audience, a moment in which she repositioned herself in her career.

In 2009, Eliana returned to SBT. The program that bears her name celebrates 15 years on air this year. At the Elian’s programa, she showed her versatility in different frames inside and outside the studio. Some of the highlights were the attractions Quer Marry Comigo, Beleza Renovada and Minha Mulher Que Manda.

Eliana was also responsible for creating the first frame of a television program to transport artists from the universe of social networks to open TV, the Internet celebrities.

In these 15 years, Eliana has had live seasons and remained in second place in audience ratings on one of the most important days for TV, Sunday. In recent years, the presenter worked with director Ariel Jacobowitz. SBT has not announced whether the director will remain at the broadcaster.

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