Ana Hickmann confesses to her son after receiving a warning from the court

Ana Hickmann confesses to her son after receiving a warning from the court
Ana Hickmann confesses to her son after receiving a warning from the court
Photo: Instagram Reproduction – 1.4.2024

Ana Hickmann with her son Alezinho

Presenter of “Hoje em Dia”, on Record, Ana Hickmann used social media this Monday morning (1st) to declare herself to her firstborn and only son: Alezinho, 10 years old, the result of her former relationship with Alexandre Correa.

“My days are happier by your side! My greatest companion. May you continue to radiate light and conquer everyone around you”, she wrote as the caption of a post made on Instagram.

However, last week, both Ana and Alexandre were warned by the courts in relation to their son’s media exposure. This is due to the controversial legal dispute that the former couple has faced since Correa attacked Hickmann in November 2023.

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After the attack, the presenter separated from the businessman. Recently, the heir, Alezinho, ended up being exposed when the patriarch published a video in which the child denied the episode of violence narrated by his mother. The court then warned Hickmann and Correa about Alezinho’s exposure on social media.

Ana Hickmann turns 43 this Friday (1st); remember what the presenter has been through in recent months. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 29.02.2024
On November 11, Ana Hickmann was attacked by Alexandre Correa, to whom she had been married for 25 years. Since the case, the presenter moved away from the businessman and soon filed for divorce. She continued working normally at Record after the attack and spoke about the situation days after the incident. Weeks later, she detailed the attack and the troubled relationship with Alexandre, in a report that addressed the aesthetic pressure she suffered from her partner and the fraud investigation against him, given the then couple’s financial problems. The speeches on TV were interspersed with statements to the son on social media, where he received support from internet users and celebrities. Photo: Reproduction/Record
Since then, Ana has faced legal fights with Alexandre. Still in November, the businessman accused her of parental alienation, stating that his ex-wife made it difficult for him to contact their son, Alezinho. In January 2024, Correa asked for the presenter’s arrest for the same reason and Hickmann’s team responded, highlighting that she complies. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 09.01.2024
Among the ex-couple’s financial fights, the businessman also accused the presenter of canceling his health plan. Ana contested and stated that her ex-husband has been responsible for paying for his own plan since 2019. Hickmann opened a new complaint against her ex-husband, for forging signatures on loans, millionaire fraud and other crimes.. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 16.11.2023
In December 2023, Ana moved out of the apartment she lived in in São Paulo. She celebrated Christmas in the company of her son and mother, Reni Saath. At the time, the presenter shared a reflection on the case of domestic violence: . Photo: Reproduction
In January of this year, rumors of a romance between Ana Hickmann and Edu Guedes began to emerge. The two were seen together in a hotel and the presenter’s team initially denied the relationship between the two. However, celebrities continued to hint at a possible involvement beginning in 2024, as Ana has already referred to Edu as . Photo: Reproduction/Instagram – 05.02.2024
Ana and Edu’s supposed involvement bothered Alexandre, who tried to appeal the divorce after the rumors spread. Hickmann’s team judged the businessman’s attitude as a . Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Amid the controversies, Ana debuted a series of lives in January about guaranteeing women’s rights in Brazil. The presenter has already received guests such as Maria da Penha to debate legal issues involving domestic violence. In the same month, she made her first public appearance at an event since the separation, participating in an awards ceremony in São Paulo. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
In a recent report on social media, Hickmann vented about the abusive relationship he experienced: . Photo: Reproduction

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