Thais Fersoza’s attitude is detonated in an interview with Fernanda, from BBB 24: ‘Embarrassing’

Thais Fersoza’s attitude is detonated in an interview with Fernanda, from BBB 24: ‘Embarrassing’
Thais Fersoza’s attitude is detonated in an interview with Fernanda, from BBB 24: ‘Embarrassing’

Thais Fersoza was detonated on the web in the early hours of this Monday, April 1, 2024.

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Youngest eliminated of BBB 24, Fernanda was the target of love and hate on the TV Globo reality show. But as soon as she left the program, the ex-sister was received with great euphoria on the web by her admirers, called the pack.

And it was during the Bate-Papo BBB program, led by Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama, who from Niteroi came into contact for the first time with fans and also with critics of her participation in the program.

But although the wolf, as she became known on the web, showed all her exuberance during the interview, the one who ended up stealing the show – on the negative side, let’s say – was Michel Teló’s wife.

Fernanda’s euphoria contrasts with Thais Fersoza’s apathy

X users [antigo Twitter], once again criticized Thais Fersoza’s stance during an interview with one of those eliminated. While the artist was accused of having mercilessly detonated Nizam and then having beaten Rodriguinho because he was a famous participant, this time, Fersoza’s apathy contrasted with Fernanda’s euphoria. See comments below!

But beyond that, a mistake by Thais Fersoza did not go unnoticed by internet users. While Fernanda watched one of her talks become a meme on the web, the presenter took out her cell phone that was hidden under the chair cushion and apparently heard a message.

“Thais Fersoza on her cell phone in the middle of an interview. Who are these professionals?” asked a follower. “The most unprofessional in the world”, detonated the…

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