Kovalick emerges with his love in his lap and the audience is stunned

Presenter delights audience with romantic click

Roberto Kovalick conquered his space at Globo due to his professionalism in front of the cameras. In this way, he became one of the big names and shines at the head of “Hora 1”.

Even used to the spotlight, the presenter prefers to keep the description when it comes to his intimate life.

However, from time to time, the Globo journalist breaks his rules and shows the great love of his life: his wife, Karina Kovalick,

On social networks, Roberto Kovalick decided to remember a unique moment with his wife.

In the click, Karina is sitting on the lap of the Globo presenter while having a drink in France.

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“BT Strasbourg, France, 2013. Kiki was already on board!”said the commander of “Hora 1” in his caption.

In the comments, the public went wild when seeing the beauty of the couple. “You are beautiful”, said one. “Perfect as always” declared another. “I love this couple”wrote another.

Journalist delights audience with click next to wife (Reproduction)
Journalist delights audience with click next to wife (Reproduction)


As we mentioned, from time to time, Roberto Kovalick shows Brazil who he is married to.

Even recently, the Globo presenter gave details about his marriage.

During an interview with Veja magazine, the journalist admitted that Karina has always supported him.

“We have been together for over twenty years and she has always supported me through changes”, began the contract of Rede Globo.

Then Roberto Kovalick. admitted that the couple faced many barriers at the time when he received the position of correspondent and had to move to Tokyo.

“Even when I was transferred to Japan, with such a different culture and routine”said the Globo presenter.


This was not the first time that the journalist shared a record with his wife on social networks.

Turns and moves, Roberto Kovalick remembers his travels. On the occasion, he shared a click next to Karina in China.

In the click, the presenter is hugging his wife on the Chinese wall. “tbt, 2008”, he said in his caption. In the comments, fans were keen to support the couple.

Roberto Kovalick
Roberto Kovalick assumes love for his wife (Reproduction)
Roberto Kovalick and his wife in Myanmar, 2013 (Reproduction - Instagram)
Roberto Kovalick and his wife in Myanmar, 2013 (Reproduction – Instagram)
Roberto Kovalick with his wife and daughter - Photo: Reproduction
Roberto Kovalick with his wife and daughter – Photo: Reproduction

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