BNDES competition: ordinance expands staff with 2,840 vacancies


The new ordinance represents an increase, as the last one set a limit of 2,543 employees at BNDES.

Therefore, it was approved that the bank will be able to have an additional 297 employees on its staff. These will be admitted through a public competition and may be hired in this next selection – whose notice is imminent.

It is worth highlighting that BNDES recently confirmed that it will offer 96 immediate vacancies in its competition notice.

Therefore, there is an expectation that the remaining opportunities available in the new staff can be filled during the validity period.

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What positions will be offered in the BNDES competition?

Although the bank has already confirmed the number of vacancies, the positions that will be offered in the next BNDES competition have not yet been defined.

The bank confirmed that, in addition to the immediate opportunities, a reserve register will be formed. Additional vacancies may be filled throughout the validity period.

The BNDES revealed that the job and salary plan for new employees is still in the approval phase.

“For this reason, it is not possible, at this time, to inform the positions that will be offered, the emphases (areas of knowledge) and the conditions for joining new employees,” said the bank.

Now, the stage is to choose the organizing committee. According to BNDES, the proposals from institutions with experience in public tenders similar to that of the bank.

The latest BNDES competitions were organized by Fundação Cesgranrio. See the banking history!

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With a new competition confirmed, BNDES has an expanded framework and the notice is close to being published

(Miguel Ângelo/CNI)

BNDES competition is scheduled for October

The BNDES has not yet revealed deadlines, but, in an interview with the Canal Livre program, on TV Bandeirantes, president Aloizio Mercadante informed that the BNDES competition will be held in October this year (2024).

The areas of Cybernetics and Information Technology (IT) were highlighted by him, therefore, he can indicate that they will be included in the next notice.

“In October, we will hold a competition again because it is necessary. This area, for example, Cyber ​​Security, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence, are fundamental for the bank to modernize”, he considered.

Regarding the president’s speech, it is not yet known whether it was referring to the notice deadline or the taking of the tests in October.

Folha Managed by Qconcursos contacted BNDES to clarify this point. The bank, however, only confirmed that the notice is scheduled for 2024.

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See the positions that may be in the BNDES competition

The positions and the offer by level of education in the new competition are still being evaluated by BNDES. Employee hiring is carried out by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

Even though the positions in the competition have not yet been confirmed, the BNDES Positions and Salary Plan presents only two careers, one at a mid-level level and the other at a higher level. Look:

Middle level

  • administrative support technician.

Higher level

  • basic professional in the areas of: Administration; Systems Analysis – Development; Systems Analysis – Support; Architecture; Archival science; Librarianship; Accounting Sciences; Social Communication; Right; Economy; Engineering; Geology; and Psychology.

Therefore, such careers may appear in the next BNDES competition. The specialties are still being defined.

The capacity of the positions was also not revealed. However, according to data from the bank, 90% of employees work in Rio de Janeiro, where the main office that concentrates most of its activities is located.

There are also stations in Brasília, Recife and São Paulo.

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