MEI gains the chance to INCREASE its revenue with government incentive


A Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) of federal Senate prepare to examine a Bill Additional which suggests an increase in the billing limit of the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI).

MEI gains the chance to INCREASE its revenue with government incentives. Image: FDR

The focus of the proposal is to modify the Law on the National Statute of Microenterprises and Small Businesses (Complementary Law 128/2008)especially in relation to the MEI.

Identified as PLP 24/2024the project seeks to raise the annual gross revenue limit to be classified as MEI. The proposal aims to increase this limit of R$81 thousand for R$ 120 thousandproviding a significant change in program guidelines.

If approved, the project will have a considerable impact on the entrepreneurial environment of the Brazil, aiming to benefit a greater number of individual entrepreneurs. This correction would be linked to the variation in the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) of the 12 months before January of each year.

This proposal aims to ensure a periodic update of the revenue limit of the MEI, adapting it to current economic conditions. O Brazil eagerly awaits the appointment of the rapporteur in the Economic Affairs Committee for the analysis of a proposal considered vital for promoting entrepreneurship.

By facilitating framing as MEI By increasing the revenue limit, the project seeks to provide individual entrepreneurs with access to benefits and tax advantages. This initiative is seen as an essential boost for the growth and prosperity of the entrepreneurial sector in the country.

Below you will find more details about the current billing of the MEI. And in this link, I teach you how to register in this business modality.

MEI revenue limit in 2024

Currently, the billing limit for MEI it’s from R$81 thousand per year, with Simples Nacional Annual Declaration (DASN) varying between R$ 70.60 It is R$ 76.60 monthly, depending on the activity carried out.

As the enterprise grows, it is possible to exceed this limit, generating the need for adjustments. If this occurs in 2023 check the opening data of the CNPJ MEI.

In the first year, billing must be proportional to the months, using the value of R$6,750 per month as a basis. For example, if a company operated for three months, revenue cannot exceed R$ 20,250.

Maintaining strict control of monthly revenue is an essential responsibility for every individual micro-entrepreneur throughout the calendar year. If you identify that you have exceeded the established limit, the recommendation is to comply immediately.

If this situation applies, regularization can easily be carried out at the beginning of next year. Continue following and check, below, the step-by-step guide on how to regulate the billing of the MEI.

Regularization of MEI billing

The individual microentrepreneur who exceeded the revenue limit in 2023 you can complete the DASN from January 2024. In this document, it is necessary to inform the total value of sales in the previous year and indicate whether the expected limit was exceeded.

The system then generates a bill with the taxes due, the value of which is calculated based on the amount exceeded. If the annual revenue has exceeded up to 20%equivalent to R$ 97.2 thousand, taxation is levied on the excess portion. For example:

  • Commerce sector – Rate of 4% – Total payable: R$ 648.00;

  • Industry sector – Rate of 4.5% – Total payable: R$ 729.00;

  • Services sector – Rate of 6% – Total payable: R$ 972.00.

However, if billing was exceeded by more than 20%, the calculation will focus on the total revenue. Check out the example of an annual billing R$ 100 thousand:

  • Commerce sector – Rate of 4% – Total payable: R$4 thousand;

  • Industry sector – Rate of 4.5% – Total payable: R$ 4.5 thousand;

  • Service sector – Rate of 6% – Total payable: R$6 thousand.

If the MEI considers the non-compliance, it is advisable to seek guidance from an accounting professional. This specialist can assist in the non-compliance process and review the business’ tax and tax records.

In the case of annual revenue remaining below R$4.8 millionthe company has the option of remaining in the Simple nationalbeing able to choose between the Micro enterprisefor billing up to R$ 360 thousandor Small businesswith annual revenue between R$ 360 thousand It is R$4.8 million.

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